Dial in your coffee recipes with Good Fika.

Coffee is ritual, and science.

Rituals make us think superstition, and baseball players not shaving their beards until they win or lose the penant. Coffee is a fun ritual, but there actually is a method to getting better at brewing coffee, and it's not: find the bag of beans that works best for my setup.

You need a brewing journal.

With a journal, you break open that new bag and you note what went into your brew. Afterwards, you taste it. If you don't like it, you note one thing to change and try again. Before long you can get really good at this, and with Good Fika, even quicker.

Good Fika Coffee Check In Feed

Better than a brew log: analytics.

If you're already in the loop on the brew journal, you've probably bought a brew journal or two.

The difference between Good Fika and those brew journals, is that Good Fika analyzes your brew logs to bring out insights, like:

  • Where your tastes come from.
  • What tastes you love and what you hate with the Flavorprint.
  • How your tastes differ from industry opinion.
  • And more...

Your tastes + our expertise.

You don't know what you don't know, until now.

It can be hard to know if you don't like your brew because you don't like it and it was brewed perfectly or if you just brewed it wrong.

Good Fika guides you through the tasting process, helping you understand what to look for and how to find it. And once you've rated a brew, we provide you with an industry opinion on that coffee, separate from your own opinion so you can better understand where you and the experts differ.

Roast-specific recipes.

Why do so many journals get this wrong?

Say it with us: every roast and brewing method and coffee style and piece of coffee equipment changes the brew recipe.

Our dream is for you to be able to plug in all of your equipment in Good Fika, plug in the roast you are brewing (we have over 45,000 verified roasts so far), and the brewing method you are using, and have a really good recipe to start with (we can all benefit from prior work of other Good Fika members and the roasters themselves).

Until then, the Good Fika journal is focused on helping you dial in roast-specific recipes using your equipment and method, so that once you get a good brew, you can save it for later.

Find roast recipes.

We track over 45,000 verified roasts, and we our editorial team is reviewing on average 5 new roasts each day. Each roast we track the tasting notes, the roaster, the specific geographic coordinates of the origin(s), the MASL range, organic / decaf, arabica / robusta percentage, and the list goes on.

We mention this, not to brag, but to emphasize how powerful the Good Fika roast search – that indexes all of these data points – is.

With this search you can quicky find a roast for your roast-specific recipes (see above), and when you're at the coffee shop, quickly determine if that roast with the sexy bag is going to be something you like and that you have the equipment to brew properly.

Discover new roasts, equipment...

...roasters, styles, and techniques.

As you get better at brewing, you're naturally going to what to expand your horizons. For Good Fika, that's a success! We want to make you so good at coffee you start to push your limits.

With Good Fika, you'll be able to find what's trending, by popularity and score, so you can decide what to get better at next.

Save roasts you want to try.

We were tired of walking through the coffee aisle (or these days scrolling) and falling victim to the siren call of a sexy bag and a label only to be stuck with a coffee we didn't like for a week.

Honey your ears with lists in Good Fika to save roasts you want to buy on your next shopping trip.

Note: Saved, of course, because they had good notes or a friend rated them highly (between friends... we'll admit to still having a "nice bag" list).

Learn from others.

You can learn a lot about how to make coffee from analyzing your own brew journal, and Good Fika is really good at helping you do that.

But, when you combine those learnings with other members of the Good Fika community, you really start to get good at making coffee.

Forget me not.

It's hard to remember where you had a good coffee a week ago, let alone one year.

Whether you like to travel, you cafe hop around town, or you just happened to have a good cappuccino at that hotel in Italy, Good Fika will help you remember: so you can go back, reminisce, or share with a friend.