Cometeer Coffee

Cometeer Coffee


Make space in your freezer, Cometeer Coffee is going to revolutionize your morning, or to be more specific, those mornings you just don’t have time!

Here at Good Fika we absolutely believe that coffee should get the time and attention it deserves. Some of the best brewing methods use time as one of their most important ingredients to a full-flavored coffee.

But sometimes, something comes along to shake things up. Cometeer Coffee is doing just that with specialty grade coffee that can be made in an instant. Now you have more time for enjoyment.

What is Cometeer Coffee?

In a nutshell, or capsule, Cometeer Coffee is your favorite craft coffee, roasted and brewed, then flash frozen with liquid nitrogen. All you need to do is take it out of the freezer, pop it into your cup and pour hot water over it.

It’s Fast Coffee but It’s Not Instant

Move over instant coffee! Cometeer coffee is taking away our reason for ever needing to reach for the instant when we are in a rush. Because bad coffee should never be an option!

In recent years, the instant coffee concept has evolved to include some good quick coffee brewing methods. It’s no longer about speed over quality but rather fast coffee that is just as good as its slow brewed counterparts.

Cometeer Coffee is now taking this fast coffee trend another step forward. In fact, they are calling their coffee “the best coffee on this planet.” As it is made using top-tier coffee beans that have been ground and expertly brewed, we can’t really call this instant.


All you really need to make a great cup of Cometeer coffee is a kettle (electric or stovetop) and your favorite mug. Maybe a spoon if you intend on adding sugar or milk.

A Coffee Start-up with a Difference

Cometeer is a coffee start-up led by MIT trained chemists and engineers, bringing their scientific expertise to coffee making. They refer to themselves as coffee nerds and they have developed a coffee making system that optimizes all the variables that go into great coffee.

It was founded by Matthew Roberts, a computer scientist and now coffee enthusiast. Once he got into coffee, he started working on building the machinery and process that would preserve the full complex flavors of premium grade coffee beans, delivered as a frozen puck in a convenient capsule.

With a team of scientists and in collaboration with specialty coffee roasters, Cometeer coffee is all about independent farmers and roasters sharing their craft through modern technology and convenience. All of this is done with a strong focus on the preservation of the full flavor of the coffee that ends up in your cup.

Roberts knows that “the best coffee has more flavor compounds than the best glass of wine,” and the goal behind this startup is about ensuring most of those compounds remain through the entire roasting and brewing process.

This is fast coffee, but it is hyper fresh and complex. It deserves to be savored and enjoyed slowly.

And the name? We thought it was because it is really fast coffee. But actually, Cometeer explains it is because “comets are frozen, forward-moving and impactful”, just like their coffee!

How Cometeer Coffee is Made

A technology company in the business of coffee, the Cometeer method has been carefully developed and engineered for the absolute best final result.

By exploring the chemistry of coffee and how to preserve its flavor profiles, they realized that flash-freezing is the best way to keep a high complexity of flavor.

Flash-freezing is a process of freezing something super-fast at extreme cold temperatures to keep it fresh.

Alternative methods such as bottling or dehydrating didn’t make the grade. They don’t keep in as many of the flavor compounds as freezing does.

But flash-freezing is the final step. First the right coffee beans need to be chosen and brewed right.

Cometeer invented machinery to grind, brew, freeze and package their coffee into ready to consume pucks that can be delivered to your door.

The Coffee

Top-tier coffee flavor obsessed roasters from around the country send their freshly roasted coffee beans to the Cometeer factory in Massachusetts. Roasters include Coffee Culture, Bird Rock, Equator, George Howell, Birch, Joe Coffee and Red Bay Coffee. These beans are then precisely ground and turned into “exceptionally delicious coffee.”

The Brewing

The brewing process has been carefully calibrated to extract as much flavor and aroma as possible from the beans.

Using a proprietary extraction system all the variables that lead to great coffee are optimized for the best results. These variables include:

  • Particle size distribution and uniformity
  • Water chemistry
  • Temperature
  • Oxidation
  • Extraction yield
  • Level of total dissolved coffee solids per cup
  • Water moisture content of each coffee bean
  • Roast level
  • Grind size distribution

Freeze! The Final Step

To make Cometeer a hyper fresh coffee the brewed liquid extract is then immediately flash-frozen in nitrogen at minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit. This liquid nitrogen bath locks in exceptional freshness and flavor. Flash-freezing also means the coffee stays as good as fresh-brewed for months without the need for any preservatives. This means pure, fresh coffee can be available to you from your freezer whenever you want it, packaged in convenient aluminum capsules or coffee pods.

Making Cometeer Coffee at home

When you feel the need for a craft brewed coffee but don’t have time to leave home, all you need to do is choose your capsule, pop the coffee puck into your cup and top with boiling water.

There are other ways to enjoy Cometeer coffee. You can make a latte by melting your puck and topping with fresh steamed milk. And if you still prefer the feeling of making your coffee you can pop the pod directly into your Nespresso or capsule coffee machine.

Iced coffee drinks are also super simple. Just melt your puck of coffee and pour over iced water or cold milk, as you prefer.

What About Sustainability?

Cometeer have taken good steps towards a “more sustainable coffee-verse.” The coffee pods are made from 100% recyclable aluminum and because they don’t contain grounds (the puck comes out of the pod cleanly) they can be added to your recycling without much fuss. The long shelf life (18 months) and simplicity of just using a puck at a time also means less food, or coffee, waste. Good coffee should never go to waste!

All this included, it might not be as sustainable as just buying a bag of coffee beans that you grind and brew yourself. Shipping capsules to customers in boxes of dry ice adds to the carbon footprint. And there is no guarantee a customer would actually recycle the pods after use.

Is This Really the Future of Coffee?

When it comes to quick brewing coffee methods, Cometeer is one of the most promising in terms of delivering on flavor and preserving all that is good about coffee. It means the average joe can now have access to complex specialty coffee without any barista training or knowledge. It is also a great way to connect the dozens of specialty roasters to new customers. This way of having hyper fresh, premium coffee at home in an instant could really change the way lots of people experience and enjoy coffee. And this could hopefully be the beginning of the end for bad coffee.

But, for many people, including us at Good Fika, coffee enjoyment is more than just the actual drink. It is about the process and ritual of making it. Some of us love learning about new ways to bring out the best flavors in our favorite beans. Maybe we don’t want to make our coffee in a flash, at least not always.