About Good Fika

Why did we create Good Fika?

Photo by Giulia Bertilli on Unsplash

Most of us use coffee to speed up. To get through work faster, to perk up. The term Fika comes from Sweden, where they take the opposite perspective, coffee is a way to slow down. By yourself, or with friends, Fika is a momentary respite from the demands of the day.

At Good Fika we think there is something funny about using all those caffeinated benefits to be most present, most alert, when you’re taking time out for you and the things you care about.

So we created Good Fika, a way to save your Fikas. As you use the app, you’ll; become more aware of the coffee you enjoy with your Fika, learn what tasting notes you prefer, discover better roasts, improve your brewing recipes, order better at cafes, and overtime, your coffee will just get better.

You might also find that over time, as your relationship with coffee changes. It starts to feel more like that “coffee break” again. A momentary pause from “the hustle”.