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Northern Italian Espresso

An unforgettable espresso blend roasted in the Northern Italian style, full-bodied with a lingering chocolatey finish. This is the espresso...

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An unforgettable espresso blend roasted in the Northern Italian style, full-bodied with a lingering chocolatey finish. This is the espresso we serve all day at our coffeehouses and it is delicious.

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8 months ago • Lakewood

Good Fika Friday! Stopped by White Rock on the way back from the vet. Good treat for a stressful morning.

5 months ago • Good Fika @ Home

I wonder if this was a bit overextracted? Cant put my finger on it, but acidity was high it felt like (even though bitterness was low).Looking at the notes on the roast bag now, I see chocolate, which was the strongest for me. I called it Hazelnut but they have Praline. Buttery is true, didnt think of that, but the body was delicious on this one, aftertaste too.Raw notes: 18.0g in 37.2g out. Very fine grind 2D on the Baratza Sette, about as fine as it can go, will start here from now on. :32 second shot. Worried the shot channeled, cause mousetails were uneven at times.

5 months ago • Good Fika @ Home

Better than yesterday, went to 2E, and the shot went from :32 to :28 with nice even mouse tails. I think this extraction is just about perfect, Id call this a recipe at this point. With regards to the roast, the aftertaste of chocolate is a little too strong for me. Now that I saw butter on the bag I think its a perfect descriptor for the bit that I dont really like. Its almost like a bulletproof coffee just very rich for a cappuccino (going to try Americano next. Raw notes:18g in 36.2g out. 114.5G milk 20% froth to 60C.

5 months ago • Good Fika @ Home

Trying as an Americano, and its obviously more watered down.The strong aftertaste that was bad in the cappuccino actually works really well here and was the best part.I think I needed to really lower the temperature on my water. The Profitec wont dispense hot water if its not up to steam temp (234C) and theres obviously a cooler temp as it comes out cause that would be steam, but I think its not helping here.Raw Notes:* 18g in 36.2g out (:34 second shot)* 115g ~230C waterNext time: Lower water temp using separate kettle and try again.

5 months ago • Good Fika @ Work

Used the kettle water, 200C, and it was far, far, far better. Im getting chocolate and hazelnut again with low bitterness and pretty balanced acidity.Prefer this form for this roast, the cappuccino coupled with this roast is just too rich for my tastes, it needs to be watered down like this IMO.Raw Notes:* 18.2g in 36.4g out. :32 second shot.* 115g 200C water (maybe try filtered next time?)* 2D Grind on Baratza Sette 270wi

5 months ago • Good Fika @ Home

For this roast, in a cappuccino, this is as good as it gets. We dont have recipes in app yet, but when we do:* 18g of coffee ground at 2D, distributed, leveled, tamped.* 36g of espresso out, takes :30-:32 seconds on the Profitec. * 110-120g milk, frothed to 20% more volume, heated until 60C. I will say I like this, and I got more bitterness and more balanced acidity out of it, but I dont really like this roast as a cappuccino. All this to say, mostly checking in to memorize the recipe and show off my improvements in latte art.

4 months ago • Good Fika @ Home

Really delicious as a latte.

1 week ago • Good Fika @ Home

A delicious Zaccacino

1 week ago •
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