Good Fika is Untappd for Coffee lovers.

What does 'fika' mean?

Fika comes from the Swedish, basically it means to have a cup of coffee. Any Swede will tell you it's so much more than that, whether you're having coffee by yourself or with a friend, a Good Fika is taking some time out of your day to slow down with a good cup of coffee.

Good Fika – the app – documents, guides, and remembers your journey towards better fikas.

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Good Fika Coffee Check In Feed

Don't forget that coffee you had in NYC.

Remember college? When you had a shelf in your dorm with all those bottles of whiskey and wine?

Yeah, we don't either.

Thankfully, some memories fade. Regrettably, others do too. Good Fika helps you build your digital shelf of roasts you've had, where you've had them, and the people you've had them with.

Save roasts you want to try.

We were tired of walking through the coffee aisle (or these days scrolling) and falling victim to the siren call of a sexy bag and a label only to be stuck with a coffee we didn't like for a week.

Honey your ears with lists in Good Fika to save roasts you want to buy on your next shopping trip.

Note: Saved, of course, because they had good notes or a friend rated them highly (between friends... we'll admit to still having a "nice bag" list).

Find your next roast.

Good Fika knows a lot of roasts, and knows a lot about those roasts.

Whether you're trying to find tasting notes while you stand in line at the coffee shop, or you're looking for nearby roasters to visit on vacation, or you're trying to remember that good pour over recipe, Good Fika search has you covered.

Track your recipe changes.

This one's for the scientists and baristas out there. If you're anything like us, you're always tweaking your recipe, for better balance, more body, less acidity, etc.

That's why we put a big emphasis on not just creating recipes in Good Fika, but also keeping tracking of how its changed. It turns out, there is a method to the madness, rated versions of a recipe will help you better understand how and why to make adjustments in the future.

Learn your favorite tastes.

When we started using Good Fika we didn't think this one would be as big of a deal as it is.

Now? We don't buy a roast without checking the tasting notes. When someone asks us what kind of coffee we like now, we don't say, "Oh I guess I like dark coffee." No, now we say, "hmm if it has almonds I'm sure to like it."

And the Origin Map just takes it further, allowing us to flex on our fika friends with our depth of knowledge about the almond flavors of the mountains of Yirgacheffe.