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7 months ago • The Wormhole Coffee

First of the Chicago coffee shop stops.

7 months ago • The Wormhole Coffee

Tried it two ways. Trying to get the tastes out but really difficult to do with an espresso machine. Needed to find a pour over shop later today.

Moonbat Blend - Halfwit Coffee Roasters

Moonbat Blend

Like it’s name suggests, we strive to make this blend a little left-of-center. We do this by combining coffees that are approachable and swe...

Guatemala Pachuj - Halfwit Coffee Roasters

Guatemala Pachuj

Spanning 320 acres in the dizzying 1600m heights of the Lake Atitlán region, the Santo Tomás Pachuj estate has been family-owned and operate...

Triforce Espresso Blend - Halfwit Coffee Roasters

Triforce Espresso Blend

A bright, full-bodied espresso - perfectly melding the round nuttyness of Guatemala Atitlan with the complex berry flavors and florality of ...

Burundi Buhorwa - Halfwit Coffee Roasters

Burundi Buhorwa

Halfwit is proud to offer the sublime, high-quality coffee of Burundi Buhorwa. Nestled in the mountains of the Muramvya Province, Buhorwa Wa...

Guatemala Las Moritas - Halfwit Coffee Roasters

Guatemala Las Moritas

First cultivated by the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research back in 1958, Pacamaras are a hybrid varietal characterized by their large ...

Decaf Colombia - Halfwit Coffee Roasters

Decaf Colombia

The ethyl acetate bonds with the caffeine and is stripped out of the bean during a complex series of pressurized washes. The coffee is then ...

Colombia Elver Paya - Halfwit Coffee Roasters

Colombia Elver Paya

Representing not only some of the best coffee the remote region of Gaitania, but all of Colombia has to offer, Colombia Elver Paya is one of...