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Cold Brew Blend - Demitasse

Cold Brew Blend

A seasonal blend of coffees specifically sourced and roasted for cold brew. ...

Kenya Kiandu - Demitasse

Kenya Kiandu

We're loving this new lot from Kenya. Produced by around 1500 smallholder farmers, all members of the Mutheka Farmers Cooperative Society (F...

Decaf Mexico Oaxaca - Demitasse

Decaf Mexico Oaxaca

This coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method. We have a new decaf that we couldn't tell was decaf on the cupping table, so col...

Guatemala Amatillo Anaerobic Pacamara - Demitasse

Guatemala Amatillo Anaerobic Pacamara

This is the 3rd year we're buying from one of our favorite producers in Guatemala, the wonderful Nando Diaz. This lot is from his Amatillo f...

Black Hole Blend - Demitasse

Black Hole Blend

Demitasse takes a trip to the dark side. Well, as dark as we go. For those of you who have been looking for a comforting, rich and smooth cu...

Colombia Crucero - Demitasse

Colombia Crucero

The first time we're carrying this delicious Colombian coffee from the Risaralda region. Grown at 1650MASL by the Mustafa family, these full...

Ethiopia Banko Michicha Natural - Demitasse

Ethiopia Banko Michicha Natural

Our second year buying from this drying center! We love a sweet Ethiopian natural around here. Guji sits at the southern end of the Sidamo ...

costa Rica Cordillera De Fuego Termico Microlot - Demitasse

costa Rica Cordillera De Fuego Termico Microlot

We're dropping this incredible coffee just in time for the holidays. You're welcome. This unique coffee is from Cordillera de Fuego, a farm...

Trufala Blend - Demitasse

Trufala Blend

The Trufala blend is our seasonal espresso blend wherein we'll blend two coffees from the same origin to give the coffee some depth of flavo...

Santa Teresa Geisha  - Demitasse

Santa Teresa Geisha

We don't do this often, but when we find a geisha that really blows our minds, we have to offer it to you, right? From the famous Finca San...