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Tusk Espresso - Commonplace Coffee

Tusk Espresso

If Perpetual is too mild and the Heartmender is just too much, consider Tusk. It’s got the best qualities of our other espresso, although it...

Yuki Minami Brazil - Commonplace Coffee

Yuki Minami Brazil

Yuki Minami, CEO of Aequitas Coffee, is on a mission to build a network of change agents in the coffee industry deserving of community recog...

Decaf De Caña Colombia - Commonplace Coffee

Decaf De Caña Colombia

When sourcing this coffee, our supply chain partners cupped specifically for quality and selected from individual regions and farms to be ab...

Schenley Park Blend - Commonplace Coffee

Schenley Park Blend

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy (PPC), this offering represents where it all started. The PPC was foun...

Bohemian Blend - Commonplace Coffee

Bohemian Blend

If you’re looking for a coffee with a lot of zing and pep, look no further than the Bohemian Blend. A big, strong coffee with a lot of body ...

Kunjin Papua New Guinea - Commonplace Coffee

Kunjin Papua New Guinea

Sometimes you find something that just makes sense, and all is right with the world. When we first brought in the Kunjin in late 2013, we re...

Tipsy Bean Café Collaborative Blend - Commonplace Coffee

Tipsy Bean Café Collaborative Blend

This collaborative blend was created to honor the relationship and friendship forged between Commonplace Coffee Owner TJ Fairchild and Tipsy...

Heartmender Espresso - Commonplace Coffee

Heartmender Espresso

Heartmender is one of our oldest blends and is a workhorse of an espresso. Thick and intense as a ristretto, it pulls equally well under nor...

Morning Blend - Commonplace Coffee

Morning Blend

What do we honestly need first thing in the morning? A coffee that’s not going to get in the way of itself, that won’t confuse the palate or...

Gitwe Hill Burundi - Commonplace Coffee

Gitwe Hill Burundi

2021 marks the eighth year we’ve purchased coffee from the Long Miles Coffee Project (LMCP), and it has been an honor to observe their evolv...

Iyenga Tanzania - Commonplace Coffee

Iyenga Tanzania

This is our first year purchasing coffee from the award-winning Iyenga AMCOS group. Founded in 2003, Iyenga has built a reputation of skillf...

Perpetual Espresso - Commonplace Coffee

Perpetual Espresso

We designed Perpetual to be everything we want in a day-to-day espresso: sweet, but not too sweet, with notes of cocoa and nuts. In essence,...

Ceiba Guatemala - Commonplace Coffee

Ceiba Guatemala

Named for Guatemala’s national tree, the Ceiba — in early Mayan and Mesoamerican cultures, the Ceiba symbolized the connection between land ...

Soren's Project - Commonplace Coffee

Soren's Project

Named after the owners’ firstborn, this is our first blend, and like all children, it will grow and change. This blend has evolved into a si...

All Day Dark Roast - Commonplace Coffee

All Day Dark Roast

Coffee has always been an experience creator for us and our community. The intention behind this blend is to open ourselves up to more conne...

Lending Hearts Blend - Commonplace Coffee

Lending Hearts Blend

Jameson Taillon, formerly of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Commonplace Coffee are proud to present the Lending Hearts Blend. With Jameson’s c...