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Sasaba - Bonanza Coffee Roasters


This is our 4th year buying from Sasaba and as always, it is one of the most eagerly anticipated arrivals of the year for us. Tsegay Hagos T...

Anfiteatro Honey - Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Anfiteatro Honey

La Pastora is Carlos’s most prized farm every year and this is our second year offering this ‘Fermented Honey Processed’ lot from the Anfite...

Tessema Edima - Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Tessema Edima

We first tasted Tessema Edima’s coffee as one of the winning lots at the first Operation Cherry Red Auction, impressing with its exceptional...

Santa Lucia - Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Santa Lucia

This is our second year buying from Andre Garcia, this time purchasing the entirety of the Yellow Catuai from Fazenda Santa Lucia. This coff...

El Carmen Decaf - Bonanza Coffee Roasters

El Carmen Decaf

After the success of our last Sugarcane Decaf, we are excited to be able to work with the decaffeinated version of our long standing coffee,...

La Pastora Geisha Natural - Bonanza Coffee Roasters

La Pastora Geisha Natural

This is our third year buying coffees from Carlos Montero, and we are now proud to have the opportunity to roast one of his most prized lots...

Las Laderas Del Sol Anaerobic - Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Las Laderas Del Sol Anaerobic

This is our second year offering this outstanding Anaerobic lot from Las Laderas Del Sol. Andres Navarro and his team ensure that only the r...

Finca El Delfin - Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Finca El Delfin

Last year we purchased the whole production from Mauricio’s Delfin farm, and we are delighted to be able to work together with him once more...

El Carmen - Bonanza Coffee Roasters

El Carmen

El Carmen is one of the most established associations that Raw Material are working together with in Colombia. As part of the Red Associatio...

Villamaria Decaf Natural - Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Villamaria Decaf Natural

In our continued search for a spectacular Decaf coffee, we once again go to Colombia and the Sugarcane Decaf process. After the resounding s...

Bonanza Blend - Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Bonanza Blend

We are always looking to improve our Blend with each new season, using more sustainable and traceable components. The latest version of our ...