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Water Blend - Zodiac Coffee Roasters

Water Blend

Water is the element of transition, which is fitting for our Medium Dark Roast. Combining the best qualities of a Medium Roast, balanced aci...

Earth Blend - Zodiac Coffee Roasters

Earth Blend

Our Earth Blend brings you the elements of Earth itself – strength, stability, structure, and patience. A Medium Roast, our Earth Blend is s...

Fire Blend - Zodiac Coffee Roasters

Fire Blend

Our Fire Blend brings boldness, heat, energy, and inspiration. This Dark Roast is a labor of our passion, taking care not to destroy the int...

Air Blend - Zodiac Coffee Roasters

Air Blend

Wake up to the fresh air of our lightest Blend. Bringing calmness, levity, intellect, and light-heartedness to your day, our Air Blend uplif...

Sun Sign - Zodiac Coffee Roasters

Sun Sign

We all know our Sun/Star Sign! It is where the Sun was positioned astrologically at the time of your birth and represents the core of our pe...

Rising Sign - Zodiac Coffee Roasters

Rising Sign

We all know our Sun Sign, but do you know your Rising Sign? Your Rising/Ascendant Sign reflects the Zodiac Sign that was positioned on the e...

Moon Sign - Zodiac Coffee Roasters

Moon Sign

We all know our Sun Sign, but do you know your Moon Sign? Your Moon Sign represents where the Moon was positioned astrologically when you we...

Mercury Retrograde Espresso Blend - Zodiac Coffee Roasters

Mercury Retrograde Espresso Blend

We’ve all heard that dreaded phrase: "Mercury is in Retrograde!" but what does it mean?! Mercury in Retrograde happens when the planet itse...