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8 months ago • Lakewood

Knowing my tasting notes that I favor I’ll choose something different next time.

Early day today, lots of features to add after exploring new roasts last night and today should also do its best to distract me with Inauguration activities.


8 months ago • Texas

Up early for the inauguration and ready for this next chapter.

This coffee is good but it’s just not the right tasting notes for me as I prefer a bit darker blends.

4 months ago • Good Fika @ Home
2 months ago • Texas Coffee School
2 months ago • Texas Coffee School

First time getting latte art!!

Indonesia - Cuvée Coffee


This coffee comes from the North Sumatra and Aceh regions of Sumatra. It is wet hulled, a practice that is only done in Indonesia, giving it...

Guatemala - Cuvée Coffee


Perla Negra started as a result of many cupping sessions to determine the perfect balance between the sweetness of chocolate, panela and yel...

Costa Rica - Cuvée Coffee

Costa Rica

This coffee is produced by the cooperative CoopeTarrazú. The coop has been focused on developing specific projects to help the community, "C...

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This Espresso Blend is no joke. It packs enough of a punch to feel as if you were brought back to life. The slightly more developed roast pr...

Cold Brew - Cuvée Coffee

Cold Brew

All the quality of Cuvée Coffee in the convenience of a cold brew concentrate. Our 36-ounce fridge pack gives you a cold brew on-tap experie...

Emporium - Cuvée Coffee


An Emporium is a market place or trading center, which in a way describes who we are. We bring the best coffee from all over the world to ou...

Stella Cometa - Cuvée Coffee

Stella Cometa

Spanish for "North Star" or "Guiding Light" this Espresso Blend is our beacon for quality, craft, and product in one. It’s where we continua...

Brazil - Cuvée Coffee


Following his father’s footsteps, producer Ricardo Tavares has dedicated his life to the coffee industry. It was always Ricardo’s dream to o...

West Pole - Cuvée Coffee

West Pole

Most people’s initial encounter with a dark roast is a cup full of smoke and ash, but we think coffee should be more than that. We strive to...

Ethiopia - Cuvée Coffee


In the Guji Zone of the Shakiso District, Kayon Mountain Farm rises from 1,900 to 2,200 meters. The farm grows heirloom Typica trees under o...

Moka Java - Cuvée Coffee

Moka Java

This is our homage to one of the world’s oldest coffee blends, Moka Java (aka Mocha Java). With the perfect balance of earthy full body and ...

El Salvador - Cuvée Coffee

El Salvador

Los Chelazos is a blend of coffees from the cantons of Citala and La Palma, which are part of the Montecristo Trifinio. This national park ...

Jackalope Decaf - Cuvée Coffee

Jackalope Decaf

A thing of myth and folklore, the Jackalope is a legendary creature in the South described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns. Similar to t...

Colombia - Cuvée Coffee


This coffee comes from the southwestern part of Colombia in La Plata. The city itself is located about 1050 meters above sea level, with the...