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Puget Hound - Sunrise Coffee Company

Puget Hound

A select blend of organic beans from Central & South America ...

Fly By Night - Sunrise Coffee Company

Fly By Night

Sunrise Coffee's legendary dark organic roast will keep you flyin' all night long or rotate you into your day, on the ground or in the air. ...

Sunny Farms Blend - Sunrise Coffee Company

Sunny Farms Blend

A medium roast of organic beans from the world’s best coffee growers. This custom blend was created for Sunny Farms over a decade ago....

Boiler Room Espresso - Sunrise Coffee Company

Boiler Room Espresso

Throw this rich bodied organic blend into your contraption, throttle up the pressure and a steamy, creamy smooth espresso will flow. ...

Loaded Dark - Sunrise Coffee Company

Loaded Dark

A loaded blend of organic beans from Africa, Indonesia and Latin America ...

Max's French Roast - Sunrise Coffee Company

Max's French Roast

An artful blend of organic beans that stirs your imagination like our artist, Max Grover. ...

Drip City Roast - Sunrise Coffee Company

Drip City Roast

A select blend of organic beans from Indonesia and Latin America. ...

Port Townsend Blend - Sunrise Coffee Company

Port Townsend Blend

A medium roast of organic blend from around the world. This blend is bright, rich and nutty - the signature roast of Port Townsend. ...

Colombian FTO Sierra Nevada - Sunrise Coffee Company

Colombian FTO Sierra Nevada

Sunrise Coffee celebrates the best single origin, organic coffees of Central and South America that we have in stock. We are currently featu...

Honduran Organic Santa Elena Catracha Jose Blas Ventura Vásquez - Sunrise Coffee Company

Honduran Organic Santa Elena Catracha Jose Blas Ventura Vásquez

Honduras Santa Elena Catracha Jose Blas Ventura Vásquez is sourced from a family-owned farm in collaboration with Catracha Coffee Company. J...

Western Flyer - Sunrise Coffee Company

Western Flyer

Sunrise Coffee presents a special roast celebrating the Fishing Vessel "Western Flyer" made famous when the great American writer, John Stei...

Blue Moose Blend - Sunrise Coffee Company

Blue Moose Blend

Out of the blue comes a mighty organic dark roast - a stand alone, hearty cup of coffee served only at the Blue Moose Cafe....

Northwest Passage - Sunrise Coffee Company

Northwest Passage

Sunrise Coffee's Famous Italian Roast ...

Mexican Organic Altura - Sunrise Coffee Company

Mexican Organic Altura

Mexico Altura Coffee is sourced from the southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico, where there are mountain ranges that provide higher ...

Starstruck - Sunrise Coffee Company


A blend of organic beans from around the galaxy; Africa, Indonesia, the Americas, and Canis Major. ...

Crack O'Dawn - Sunrise Coffee Company

Crack O'Dawn

A breakfast blend of light and dark organic beans that will inspire you to hit the deck and get cracking. ...

Martha Ground Swell - Sunrise Coffee Company

Martha Ground Swell

Sunrise Coffee & Schooner Martha are building a "Ground Swell" of support for the Schooner Martha one cup of coffee at a time. Come join the...

De-Catinated French Roast De-Caf - Sunrise Coffee Company

De-Catinated French Roast De-Caf

DE-CATINATED (formerly Jonse'n For The Bean) is our water processed, organic, single-sourced, French Roast De-Caf. If you drink DECAF you wi...

Heavy Haul Out - Sunrise Coffee Company

Heavy Haul Out

It's an intimate, warm and friendly gathering place with just the kind of ambiance I look for in a coffeehouse, constructed with a nod to th...