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6 months ago • Burlington

Nice dark roast. Cinnamon/bakers chocolate.

6 months ago • Burlington
Whoop Ass - Jittery Joe's

Whoop Ass

It will make you want to invite some friends over and open up a can. Central and South American coffees are roasted alone and then brought ...

Peru Amazonas Organic - Jittery Joe's

Peru Amazonas Organic

After selectively handpicking their cherry along the steep, often terraced slopes, farmers process cherry on their own farms. Following the ...

French Roast - Jittery Joe's

French Roast

This is our darkest roast and stands up beautifully to cream or milk. Perfect for a New Orleans style cafe au lait. We take one of our favo...

Ethiopia Kembata Durame - Jittery Joe's

Ethiopia Kembata Durame

These beans, grown 2,101 meters above sea level, are milled using a 36-48 hour fermentation process and then dried under the African sun on ...

Guatemala Quiche Organic - Jittery Joe's

Guatemala Quiche Organic

Grown and harvested in the limestone enriched soil of the mountains of Sierra de los Cuchumantes by the farmers of the 650-member ASPROCDEGU...

Guatemala Huehuetenango - Jittery Joe's

Guatemala Huehuetenango

Thirty farmers participate in the La Esperanza Tajamulco COOP, based in the village of the same name. These farmers grow these special beans...

Widespread Panic Proving Grounds - Jittery Joe's

Widespread Panic Proving Grounds

"Really wanna move like I'd like to. Sometimes I remember myself. Really wanna feel like I'm 'supposed to' " Introducing Proving Grounds, t...

Colombia La Pradera - Jittery Joe's

Colombia La Pradera

La Pradera is the yield of 100 small shareholder farmers who are paid a premium for the premium cherries their farms produce. The mill hosts...

Summer Brew - Jittery Joe's

Summer Brew

Athens, GA - as well as the rest of the South - can get pretty toasty in the summer. Here's our blend of choice to cool things off. To surv...

Indonesia Sumatra Wahana - Jittery Joe's

Indonesia Sumatra Wahana

We visited the estate several years ago and witnessed first-hand the farm's growing process and dedication to its employees. Wahana, which ...

45 - Jittery Joe's


A medium roasted blend served up at the popular Hendershot's Cafe in Athens. Hendershot's Cafe in Athens has made its mark as one of the be...

Alternative Fuel - Jittery Joe's

Alternative Fuel

Our suggested fuel for your everyday life. At Jittery Joe's, we've always loved cycling - it's a part of who we are. Now, in partnership wi...

Shalom Coffee - Jittery Joe's

Shalom Coffee

Makes you feel good from your head to your tuches! We separately roast coffee from three continents to bring out the maximum flavor of ea...

Colombia Excelso Decaf - Jittery Joe's

Colombia Excelso Decaf

Water Processed decaffeination is gentle enough to preserve the acidity and big body of this typical Colombian coffee. Aromas of dark cherry...

House - Jittery Joe's


A super-fresh retro diner blend that makes a cup everyone will love. You can not go wrong bringing this to the family reunion. Central and ...

Create Coffee - Jittery Joe's

Create Coffee

A portion of proceeds benefits AthFest's Educational Fund supporting music education in CCSD high schools. Create Coffee is a blend of Cent...

Classic Espresso - Jittery Joe's

Classic Espresso

Sweet and mild, with a buttery, medium body, our Classic Espresso Blend has a pleasant bite that lingers on the finish, like a note slowly f...

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dark - Jittery Joe's

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dark

Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee and Yirgacheffe has long been known for its excellent quality. In Yirgacheffe, the beans have t...

Travelin' Joe - Jittery Joe's

Travelin' Joe

Nice fruity acidity with an earthy nutty finish. Pack your suitcase. Travelin' Joe has coffee from Indonesia, Africa and South America. We ...

Morning Ride  - Jittery Joe's

Morning Ride

We combine beans from Guatemala and Peru in our smoothest, easiest-drinking coffee blend. Enjoy as a drip coffee, or in a coffee press. A fi...

Kenya AA Ibonia Estate - Jittery Joe's

Kenya AA Ibonia Estate

We are proud to tap into our 26 years of roasting experience to bring you the first in our Roaster Reserve series - a half pound offering fr...

Attack the Day - Jittery Joe's

Attack the Day

Jittery Joe's has teamed up with the University of Georgia Athletic Association to create a special, collector’s edition coffee for all you ...

Kishi Bashi Omoiyari - Jittery Joe's

Kishi Bashi Omoiyari

Omoiyari -- Japanese for the act of having consideration for another. Omoiyari is the name of Kishi Bashi's fourth album and documentary fi...

Tour de Froce Espresso - Jittery Joe's

Tour de Froce Espresso

This is a lively citrusy espresso with fantastic crema retention. We set out to add a decidedly darker espresso to our line-up and we ended ...

Kindercore Liquid Vinyl - Jittery Joe's

Kindercore Liquid Vinyl

A unique collaboration with the Athens company Kindercore Vinyl, the only record pressing plant in the state of Georgia. Athens, GA - the b...

Brazil Cerrado - Jittery Joe's

Brazil Cerrado

A medium-bodied coffee with nutty accents mixed with butter and fruit. This is a classic Cerrado coffee. Grown on farms on the plateau of M...

Terrapin Wake-n-Bake - Jittery Joe's

Terrapin Wake-n-Bake

Wake-n-Bake Blend is a very full-flavored coffee. Dark roasted and earthy Ethiopia beans are complemented by the bright acidity of Guatemala...

Widespread Panic Up All Night - Jittery Joe's

Widespread Panic Up All Night

"Sunrise is my sunset 'neath the Georgia sky" Good morning Body, Brain, and Spirit!" We have brought back one of our most beloved and inspi...

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Light - Jittery Joe's

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Light

Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee and Yirgacheffe has long been known for its excellent quality. In Yirgacheffe, the beans have t...

Mama's Boy - Jittery Joe's

Mama's Boy

Medium roasted blend with a sweet nice bite to get the day started off right. The perfect diner blend coffee that you have grown to love at...

Kentucky Derby® Race Day Coffee - Jittery Joe's

Kentucky Derby® Race Day Coffee

Get ready to Run For The Roses with this special, collector’s edition coffee for America’s most iconic horse race. Riders Up! Whether it’s ...

Ethiopia Sidamo Decaf Organic - Jittery Joe's

Ethiopia Sidamo Decaf Organic

We came across these beans and loved them, so we purchased in a 'spot buy' - which means a limited amount is available! Ethiopia is the bir...

Terrapin Midnight Project - Jittery Joe's

Terrapin Midnight Project

Our specialty roasted sweet espresso was the secret ingredient in Terrapin and Left Hand's smooth, yet kickin' stout in 29. This one can be ...

Walking Dead - Jittery Joe's

Walking Dead

Good enough to wake the dead. he Waking Dead Cafe has proudly partnered with indie coffee roasting legends at Jittery Joe's to bring you th...

Pylon Buzz - Jittery Joe's

Pylon Buzz

A cup of coffee that’s delicious and new wave, it’s called Pylon Buzz for a reason. Music has always been a major part of our Jittery Joe's...

Two Stories Decaf - Jittery Joe's

Two Stories Decaf

Two Stories is a dark roast, combining our different water-processed decaffeinated coffees from Brazil and Colombia. When Roastmaster Charli...

Tanzania Peaberry Burka Estate - Jittery Joe's

Tanzania Peaberry Burka Estate

A coffee cherry usually has two beans. A peaberry only has one. Tanzania is famous for its peaberry coffees. This coffee has a cult-like fol...

Guatemala Quiche Organic Light - Jittery Joe's

Guatemala Quiche Organic Light

Grown and harvested in the limestone enriched soil of the mountains of Sierra de los Cuchumantes by the farmers of the 650-member ASPROCDEGU...