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YirgZ - Gryphon Cafe


Our new washed Yirgacheffe is one of a limited number of coffees in the world to be graded as "zero defect". A "defect" in coffee lingo can...

Marlowe Dark Roast Blend - Gryphon Cafe

Marlowe Dark Roast Blend

No description available....

Park Decaf - Gryphon Cafe

Park Decaf

No description available....

Vim Espresso - Gryphon Cafe

Vim Espresso

Sometimes we get a coffee that really stands out. It could be a new origin or a particularly good lot from a meticulous farmer. We like to ...

Vigor - Gryphon Cafe


Our daily espresso evolves seasonally. Whether you drink yours straight or in milk, we take advantage of what the farms have on offer to ble...

Campamento Alto - Gryphon Cafe

Campamento Alto

No description available....

Gakuyuini - Gryphon Cafe


Grown by members of the Thirikwa Cooperative Society in volcanic soil on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. The ripe hand-picked cherries are taken ...

Louella Blend - Gryphon Cafe

Louella Blend

Louella is the original name of our hometown. One of the early residents honored the young town by combining the names of his two lovely dau...