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Espresso Blend - Java Jacks

Espresso Blend

Our signature Espresso Blend is great as a straight espresso or combined with milk. Roasted to a Medium degree just before 2nd crack , it c...

Mexico Pluma - Java Jacks

Mexico Pluma

This coffee from the Oaxaca region of mexico produces a great balanced coffee we enjoy roasting. This cup of coffee has a pleasant sweet f...

Brazil Poços De Caldas - Java Jacks

Brazil Poços De Caldas

A fine cup of our Brazilian is a gentle, sweet, medium-bodied, and low-acid coffee The aroma is described as displaying a slight fruit wit...

Kenya AA - Java Jacks

Kenya AA

From one of the premier coffee growing regions in the world, this light-medium roasted coffee displays wild, wine-y and fruity tones with an...

Decaf Espresso - Java Jacks

Decaf Espresso

We serve up this amazing Decaf Espresso blend in our cafe as our signature decaf for traditional coffee drinks. Typically, the decaffeinatio...

Red Dirt Blend - Java Jacks

Red Dirt Blend

If you like your coffee black and able to stand up to anything you throw at it, the Red Dirt Blend is for you! We wanted to produce a hearty...

Breakfast Blend - Java Jacks

Breakfast Blend

One of our most popular blends created just for the taste of morning coffees. Breakfast Blend is a combination of Central and South American...

Colombia Tolima - Java Jacks

Colombia Tolima

The simple and nutty Colombia Tolima hits all the sweet spots! This medium roast is roasted to bring out it’s rich nuttiness and sweet milk ...

Costa Rica La Pastora - Java Jacks

Costa Rica La Pastora

One of our favorite Costa Rican coffees! It’s subtle, sweet, simple and oh so good. The perfect cup of coffee to start off your day or the p...

24th Anniversary Blend - Java Jacks

24th Anniversary Blend

Whether you’re near or far, our 24th Anniversary Blend is the perfect way to help us celebrate 24 amazing years of business! We crafted this...

Decaf Colombia - Java Jacks

Decaf Colombia

You really can have the best of both worlds with this coffee- a delicious Colombian coffee without all the caffeine. This makes an amazing m...

Sumatra Owa Owa - Java Jacks

Sumatra Owa Owa

Sumatra Owa Owa: High Grown at an Altitude: 1,400 up to 1,700 meters (4,600 up to 5,600 feet) above sea level, one of the highest growing in...

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Java Jacks

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe region produces a coffee that is high-toned and alive with citrus and flower tones. Floral and tea-like, with goo...

French Roast - Java Jacks

French Roast

Coffee drinkers craving the traditional European style French roast coffee are offered one of our most popular blends, combining the finest ...

Lumberjack Blend - Java Jacks

Lumberjack Blend

The Lumberjack Blend is one of our top Sellers. An exclusive specialty coffee blend we created to honor the East Texas tradition of the Lumb...

Guatemala Los Ancestros - Java Jacks

Guatemala Los Ancestros

A classic medium roast brings out the simple sweetness of this Guatemalan coffee. Mild acidity, brown sugar sweetness, and rich nuttiness ma...