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Zamboni Cold Brew - Dogwood Coffee Co

Zamboni Cold Brew

This cold brew takes its name from the famous Zamboni ice resurfacer. The Zamboni Company has a history of innovation in keeping cold things...

Snow Emergency - Dogwood Coffee Co

Snow Emergency

This blend is an amalgam of two delicious coffees: Washed Colombia, El Meridiano from the Tolima region, and Natural Ethiopia Golla, from th...

Reko - Dogwood Coffee Co


The Reko washing station is named for the nearby mountain and village in the Kochere region. The station collects cherry from about 1500 sma...

La Lia - Dogwood Coffee Co

La Lia

Finca Pie San was purchased in 2012 by Luis Alberto Monge Ureña (one of our longest running producer partners). It is his highest elevation ...

Bear Hug - Dogwood Coffee Co

Bear Hug

Bear Hug wants to wrap its burly arms around your palette and hold on for a big, long squeeeeeeze. Our plump bear is a sweet beast who spend...

Andrade Family - Dogwood Coffee Co

Andrade Family

Have you ever had a chance to try a coffee from an all-star coffee producer? Well, now’s your chance. Nodier Andrade is one of Dogwood’s fav...

Futurist Organic - Dogwood Coffee Co

Futurist Organic

Futurist = an intentional space created to allow and engage Dogwood’s collective imagination. This is just the first step to launch Futurist...

Neon - Dogwood Coffee Co


Staying true to our roots, this blend is bright and glows with sweetness. The body of this blend is like syrup and the candy-coated finish l...

Mixtape Vol. 40 - Dogwood Coffee Co

Mixtape Vol. 40

This blend is like one of the mixtapes you made for the person you really like-liked, but didn't know very well. It is balanced, a little ba...

Los Idolos - Dogwood Coffee Co

Los Idolos

Decaf coffee is a whole different animal, so we take extra care in roasting this coffee. We’ve been focusing on bringing in better tasting d...

El Meridiano - Dogwood Coffee Co

El Meridiano

The ASOCEAS (Asociacion de Productores de Café Especial del Alto Saldana) has named this coffee El Meridiano after a nearby remote mountain ...

Instant Heza Natural - Dogwood Coffee Co

Instant Heza Natural

This cup has a medium acidity with great fruity flavor. Expect notes of Dried Apricot, Fruit Leather, and Cocoa Nibs. ...