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Las Palmas - El Volcan - Pilot Coffee Roasters

Las Palmas - El Volcan

Over the years, Chalo Fernandez has become a household name at the roastery. And across the industry he is admired for his passion, enthusia...

El Quizarra - Pilot Coffee Roasters

El Quizarra

We are finishing the year flavourful with our second lot from Finca El Quizarra and Direct Trade partner, Carole Zbinden. While there are ma...

Academy - Pilot Coffee Roasters


The quintessential everyday blend – straightforward, clean, balanced, and smooth. The components of this blend change with the seasons, but ...

San Jerónimo - Pilot Coffee Roasters

San Jerónimo

After 200 years and five generations, San Jerónimo remains a family operation to the fullest extent. Located in the valley of San Martín Jil...

Decaf Catalyst - Pilot Coffee Roasters

Decaf Catalyst

Always naturally decaffeinated, never compromising on flavour, Catalyst offers decaf drinkers all the good parts of coffee minus the jitters...

Sumava - Kinkajou - Pilot Coffee Roasters

Sumava - Kinkajou

‘Kinkajou’ is the first lot of the year from Sumava de Lourdes, but it is not the first time we have seen the exceptional processing skills ...

Heritage - Pilot Coffee Roasters


Our diligent, tried-and-true espresso blend that’s been with us from the start. This steadfast blend is designed to produce a big-bodied sho...

Community - Pilot Coffee Roasters


Building community is the nexus of what we do. From our lasting relationships with producers, to the network of dedicated wholesale partners...

Monument - Pilot Coffee Roasters


Our ode to the dark roast done right. This blend is a chance for our roasters to prove their agility as they take the roast to just before o...

Gachatha - Pilot Coffee Roasters


The Gachatha Coffee Factory is situated in the foothills of Mt. Kenya in the Nyeri District, famously known for coffee growing. The rich vol...

Catalan De Las Mercedes - Pilot Coffee Roasters

Catalan De Las Mercedes

For over seven years and almost 30 releases, Direct Trade partner Nicholas Hammond continues to impress us sorting, harvesting and processin...

Anthem - Pilot Coffee Roasters


Anthem is a unique blend, it uses the twin virtues of balance and sweetness as our guide when creating the roast, keeping those two characte...