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Tanzanian Peaberry - Recess Coffee

Tanzanian Peaberry

The peaberry is a natural mutation that produces one smaller, spherical seed in a coffee cherry instead of two. This variety from the Matwar...

Ethiopian - Recess Coffee


From the western highlands of Oromia, Ethiopia. Grown in the shade, free of chemicals. Floral and graham cracker aroma, with a lemon start ...

Espresso Blend - Recess Coffee

Espresso Blend

Our Espresso is a proprietary blend of African, Indonesian, and Central American grown beans. This rich espresso makes a great shot, and can...

Austin's Blend - Recess Coffee

Austin's Blend

Our Austin’s Blend is a unique blend of African, Indonesian, and Central American beans, roasted to create a characteristically rich, dark a...

FTO Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Recess Coffee

FTO Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Our Spring seasonal roast! A certified fair-trade, organic, single-origin light roast with notes of blackberry, citrus, vanilla, and cream. ...

Sumatran - Recess Coffee


Our Sumatran beans are sources from the Sumatran Farming Initiative, a working farm that encourages women and entrepreneurial visions in agr...

Campfire Blend - Recess Coffee

Campfire Blend

No description avilable....

Westcott Blend - Recess Coffee

Westcott Blend

Our Westcott Blend was formulated with our favorite neighborhood in mind! African and Indonesian beans mix to create a clean, rich, and full...

Ethiopian Harrar - Recess Coffee

Ethiopian Harrar

One of our most unique light roasts, Ethiopian Harrar is a wet processed bean, meaning, the coffee fruit is left to dry on the bean. This be...

Swiss H2O Decaf - Recess Coffee

Swiss H2O Decaf

Our Swiss H20 Decaf is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process of caffeine extraction through osmosis, while the beans are green. We roa...

Kenyan - Recess Coffee


Our darkest single-origin, Kenyan is a bold, yet smooth drinking cup. This smoky roast features notes of caramel and grapefruit. ...