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Horizon - Wells Coffee Company


Dark roast lovers this blends for you. Bold and rich as a South Florida sunrise, we invite you to discover the earthiness of Indonesia and t...

Colombia El Mirador - Wells Coffee Company

Colombia El Mirador

Expect a very clean cup, honey sweetness with spicy notes like clove ...

Ethiopia Ardi - Wells Coffee Company

Ethiopia Ardi

Ardi honors origins. Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of the coffee tree, and the place where human evolution began. This uniquely sweet,...

Burundi Munyinya Hill - Wells Coffee Company

Burundi Munyinya Hill

No description available. ...

Brazil Swiss Water Decaf - Wells Coffee Company

Brazil Swiss Water Decaf

Brazil has been the world’s highest producer of coffee beans for over 150 years. This standard specialty quality coffee is dry-processed, me...

BB - Wells Coffee Company


This medium-bodied blend is affectionately named after Brandon Well's grandmother, BB. It makes a sweet, mild and approachable cup of coffee...

No. 9 - Wells Coffee Company

No. 9

Our signature espresso blend is an ode to one of our favorite bands: The Beatles. "Revolution 9" appears on the Beatles avante-garde recordi...

Pedestrian  - Wells Coffee Company


This espresso roast is for those that like a little more "roast" taste in their espresso. This medium dark roast is syrupy and rich with a r...