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Kenya Gicherori - Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters

Kenya Gicherori

No description available....

Colombia Las Frutas - Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters

Colombia Las Frutas

From Nariño, Colombia: Las Frutas at 1800 MASL, is solely composed of Caturra trees from 32 neighboring producers in the municipalities of L...

Guatemala Ceiba - Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters

Guatemala Ceiba

Named after the Guatemalan national tree, the Ceiba is grown in Huehuetenango. The Cuchumantanes mountain range reaches up to 3800 meters, w...

Sumatra Trogon - Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters

Sumatra Trogon

We are excited to be offering a coffee from Indonesia for 2021 New Year. With everything going on around the world, we’re still focused on f...

Ethiopia Biftu Gudina - Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Biftu Gudina

In Amharic, Biftu Gudina means "ray of development". The high altitude and rich fertile soil of the Agaro-Goma woreda (district) within the ...

Rwanda Butembo - Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters

Rwanda Butembo

No description available....

Ethiopia Nano Challa 2 - Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Nano Challa 2

In the highlands of natural forest in Ethiopia is the washing station Nano Challa 2. It was established in 2019 to extend the capacity of it...

Colombia Ana Mustafa - Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters

Colombia Ana Mustafa

We met Ana Mustafa and Herbert Peñaloza of La REB last year and are excited to have two of their coffees. We only have a few bags of this co...

Colombia Los Venteños - Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters

Colombia Los Venteños

Los Ventenos is a coffee brought to us from La Real Expedición Botánica (La REB), founded by Ana Mustafa and Herbert Peñaloza. Their goal is...

Colombia DECAF - Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters

Colombia DECAF

No description available....

Costa Rica Villa Triunfo - Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters

Costa Rica Villa Triunfo

Finca Villa Triunfo is located in the region of Naranjos of Costa Rica, named by Judas Tado Corrales Saenz in 1833 for the abundance of oran...

Colombia Tablon de Gómez - Cognoscenti Coffee Roasters

Colombia Tablon de Gómez

We’re proud to be roasting this season’s coffee from the Restitución de Tierras Project out of the city of Tablón de Gómez in Nariño, Colomb...