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Kainantu Papua New Guinea - Compass Coffee

Kainantu Papua New Guinea

The Konkua Okipa Coffee Cooperative was founded in 2013 and has 137 smallholder producer members, who together represent just 313 hectares o...

Mexico Cristal - Compass Coffee

Mexico Cristal

Chiapas is in very Southern Mexico where Pacific air currents hit the first range of the Sierra Madres for ideal growing conditions. This is...

Ethiopia Arsosala - Compass Coffee

Ethiopia Arsosala

Sweet and smooth with tart acidity, toffee, jasmine and lemon zest flavors...

Brazil Vale da Lua - Compass Coffee

Brazil Vale da Lua

Sweet and citric with toffee, chocolate and cocoa flavors....

Colombia Cauca - Compass Coffee

Colombia Cauca

This particular coffee is a pooled lot, meaning it comes from a bunch of different farmers, not just a single individual’s farm. We’ve sour...

Decaf Blend - Compass Coffee

Decaf Blend

We’ve brought in new Mountain Water Process decaf coffees. All three coffees are part of the Royal Select decaf project of Royal Coffee Impo...

Sulawesi Toarco - Compass Coffee

Sulawesi Toarco

TOARCO (TOraja ARabica COffee, get it?) owns Pedamaran Plantation at 900-1250 meters, and purchases wet parchment (coffee that needs process...

Ethiopia Konga - Compass Coffee

Ethiopia Konga

There are an impressive 5,000 farmers and `0 mills represented in this lot. One mill can produce an average of five containers of washed co...

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Farm - Compass Coffee

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Farm

Super clean and sweet dry processed Ethiopian coffee with notes of strawberry, pomelo, cherry and lime. ...

Peru Cenfrocafe FTO - Compass Coffee

Peru Cenfrocafe FTO

No description available....

Kenya Uteuzi Jimbo Embu - Compass Coffee

Kenya Uteuzi Jimbo Embu

To the east of Mt. Kenya, lies the county of Embu. For this coffee, we’ve partnered with our sourcing partners Cafe Imports to provide a Ke...

Handlebar Dark Blend - Compass Coffee

Handlebar Dark Blend

A bold, thick bodied attack up front gives way to a creamy spiced cocoa and dark berry finish. Makes an excellent espresso base for milk bev...

Delirium Blend - Compass Coffee

Delirium Blend

A dynamic cup; both deep and pleasantly bright. Smooth cream balanced with chocolate and complex fruit, with just a touch of spice and citru...

Sumatra Harimau Tiger - Compass Coffee

Sumatra Harimau Tiger

No description available....

Quetzal Guatemala - Compass Coffee

Quetzal Guatemala

Sweet, clean and citric with caramel and apple...