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5 months ago •

Very tasty. Great way to start the day!

Hidden Fortress Espresso Blend - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Hidden Fortress Espresso Blend

After a lot of testing with many different amazing coffees, we have put together an espresso blend worthy of our name. Our blend is 100% Ara...

Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima

A rich, full flavored coffee with nice body makes this one ideal for espresso and is fantastic as a drip coffee as well. Produced on a farm ...

Uganda Bugisu Sipi Falls - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Uganda Bugisu Sipi Falls

This is an outstanding coffee that will take you by surprise with its rich flavor. It has a rustic appeal and a hint of wininess typical in ...

Mexico Oaxaca Pluma - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Mexico Oaxaca Pluma

This is a full bodied coffee with a wonderful caramel toffee sweetness and rich earthy character. A hint of citrus and dark chocolate linger...

Women's World Co-op Blend - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Women's World Co-op Blend

Although women make up most of the labor to grow coffee, relatively few own the farms they work. Our blend is made with coffees that are gro...

Nicaragua San Juan Rio Coco - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Nicaragua San Juan Rio Coco

A fresh and lively coffee grown by family farmers in the mountainous central region of Nicaragua. Rich flavors of hazelnut and caramel bring...

Microfarm Blend - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Microfarm Blend

Hints of fruit and cocoa add depth and liveliness to our house blend. This is our go-to coffee for events where we serve coffee to a big gro...

Papua New Guinea Chimbu - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Papua New Guinea Chimbu

A clean, smooth, and low acid coffee, and full flavored despite this! Aerobatics of Jasmine and caramel apple, balance with rich flavors of ...

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb

This coffee is from Behatu Jibicho estate, a woman owned & managed coffee farm. If you like a lighter roast with rich complexity, here is yo...

Honduras Santa Barbara - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Honduras Santa Barbara

A beautiful organically grown coffee. Smooth and sweet, this is a great afternoon or desert coffee. Very clean with nuances of sweet plum an...

Colombia Serrania Del Perija - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Colombia Serrania Del Perija

A smooth yet assertive coffee grown in northern Colombia by an all woman’s cooperative. Clean highlights of sweet orange and cherry greet th...

Peru Cafe De Mujer Women's Co-op - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Peru Cafe De Mujer Women's Co-op

A rich, strong dark coffee perfect for lovers of dark roasts! Smooth dark chocolate flavor dominates, with hints of carmelized pear and gold...

Decaf Microfarm Blend - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Decaf Microfarm Blend

This decaf will have you coming back for more, without getting a huge case of the jitters. Smooth, earthy, sweet, and flavorful, this blend ...

Decaf Espresso Blend - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Decaf Espresso Blend

Our Espresso Blend has rapidly become a customer favorite, so it just made sense to offer a decaf version. Strong, dark, and rich, this is d...

Moka Java Blend - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Moka Java Blend

This vibrant blend is our organic take on this classic merge of flavorful coffees from Africa and Indonesia. Instead of Yeman Mokka we use t...

Loma Prieta Blend - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Loma Prieta Blend

From the "Dark Hills" of South and Central America, this is our French roast blend. Our roastery cafe resides at the feet of Loma Prieta, th...

Sumatra Ketiera Women's Co-op - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Sumatra Ketiera Women's Co-op

Very full bodied with a syrupy mouth feel and herbal woody hints. Dark fruit notes and bittersweet with an earthy character. Highlights of e...

Costa Rica La Amistad - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Costa Rica La Amistad

This very pleasant coffee from Costa Rica is rich, mellow, and super smooth. A great breakfast cup with balanced flavors of milk chocolate n...

American Blonde - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

American Blonde

A light roast allows varietal characteristics and delicate compounds to come through that are usually cooked out of darker roasted coffee. ...

Guatemala Huehuetenango Women's - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Guatemala Huehuetenango Women's

This year’s lot of Huehuetenango is produced by women owned farms and is an outstanding offering of Guatemalan coffee. Semi-sweet coffee wit...

Bali Kintamani - Hidden Fortress Coffee Roasting

Bali Kintamani

A rich Island coffee—exotic and flavorful. This dry processed coffee produces a sweet and earthy brew with tropical fruit nuances. Hints of ...