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Costa Rica Las Nubes, Natural - Elementary Coffee Co.

Costa Rica Las Nubes, Natural

A delicious new Costa Rica from Village Coffee Imports . Las Nubes is located in the famous Tarrazú high elevation region of the country — p...

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Natural - Elementary Coffee Co.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Natural

The 65 years old coffee farmer Tegenge, lives with his wife and 10 kids. He confesses the love he has for his coffee farm is the same as the...

Elementary Espresso - Elementary Coffee Co.

Elementary Espresso

Our slightly darker blend specifically designed for a deeper, bolder, and roastier tasting espresso. This blend is excellent for both indust...

Kenya Kichwa Tembo - Elementary Coffee Co.

Kenya Kichwa Tembo

Rather than the region this coffee comes from, this Kenyan is named "Kichwa Tembo" and means "elephant head" in Swahili. The imagery of an e...

May Day - Elementary Coffee Co.

May Day

May Day is a celebration of our workers; it is a celebration of laborers; it is a celebration of our communities; and it is a joyful celebra...

Sumatra Gayo Mandheling FTO - Elementary Coffee Co.

Sumatra Gayo Mandheling FTO

If you’re a fan of collectives AND coffee, this one’s for you! The Arisarina Cooperative in the Gayo Aceh province in Sumatra is a producer ...

Colombia Finca La Maria - Elementary Coffee Co.

Colombia Finca La Maria

Directly traded through Paisa Coffee whose founder, Yolima Taborda Rojas, is dedicated to connecting the Colombian farms of her family with ...

Colombia Finca La Maria Natural - Elementary Coffee Co.

Colombia Finca La Maria Natural

Most Colombian coffees are enjoyed as a washed process, but we’re excited to bring you something a little different with this natural proces...

Rwanda Gasharu, Natural - Elementary Coffee Co.

Rwanda Gasharu, Natural

Umuko Coffee may be a new company but their legacy is over 43 years in the making. Jean Christophe (Chris) Rusatira’s family has been growin...

Decaf Ethiopia  - Elementary Coffee Co.

Decaf Ethiopia

No description available....

Uganda Mt. Elgon - Elementary Coffee Co.

Uganda Mt. Elgon

A delicate medium-roasted bean from the good folx at Mountain Harvest. On the slops and foothills of Mt. Elgon, 1600-2200 miles above sea le...

Updog Blend - Elementary Coffee Co.

Updog Blend

What’s Updog? Glad you asked! This seasonal is a shoutout to all the amazing dogs, pets, and animal lovers we serve! 1$ from each bag sale ...

Black Rose - Elementary Coffee Co.

Black Rose

Developed out of verbal petitions from you, the people, for a dark roast coffee, we present to you our Black Rose. A blend of Sumatra Gayo -...