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Red Villamaria - Five Senses Coffee

Red Villamaria

Strawberry bubblegum joined by bright red currant & dark cherry. Deep in the Villarazo region of Colombia, pioneering coffee social enterpr...

Escape Velocity - Five Senses Coffee

Escape Velocity

Fuel up on brews full of raspberry cola, pops of cranberry and oh-so-satisfying orange marmalade. What a year 2020 has been! Well buckle up...

Mlama - Five Senses Coffee


Bursting with tropical guava, strawberry, ripe melon & hints of cocoa. What a flavour-packed coffee! The pioneering Vava Coffee brings us t...

Boledu Aricha - Five Senses Coffee

Boledu Aricha

Dark fruit cake & mixed berries with a creamy body. This is a new, exciting relationship for Five Senses. Perth based Ethiopian expats, Uto...

Red Villamaria, Extended Ferment - Five Senses Coffee

Red Villamaria, Extended Ferment

Boozy raspberry coulis, savoury bramble fruit & coating body. Deep in the Villarazo region of Colombia, pioneering coffee social enterprise...

Risaralda - Five Senses Coffee


Sparkling cherry cola, juicy red fruits & rich sweet maple syrup. This regional blend is a collaboration between our friends at Raw Materia...

Cleanskin - Five Senses Coffee


Heard of cleanskin wine? Well this is the same concept – but with coffee. Every week we roast a little too much coffee. In our ongoing effo...

Crompton Road - Five Senses Coffee

Crompton Road

Named after the first home of Five Senses, our Crompton Road blend is all about comfort. With a nod towards more traditional flavour profile...

Risaralda Decaf - Five Senses Coffee

Risaralda Decaf

Cherry cola & delicate peach, smooth texture with a creamy finish. Risaralda decaf runs through Descafecol, a state of the art decaffeinati...

Maganjo - Five Senses Coffee


Deep black currant & warming spices with tea-like tannins. Our in-country partners, Vava Coffee, were excited to make this new connection w...

Finca Los Pablos - Five Senses Coffee

Finca Los Pablos

Sparkling cherry cola & plum jam with delicate acidity. Finca Los Pablos is another delicious lot grow in the dramatic landscape of Guatema...

Hi Fidelity - Five Senses Coffee

Hi Fidelity

Exploring all things sweet and clean, the Hi Fidelity blend is an elegant offering. Delicate florals lead into dark honey sweetness and cara...

Bom Jardim - Five Senses Coffee

Bom Jardim

Rich & balanced with maple syrup & orange fudge body. From our long standing relationship with the San Coffee collective comes a delicious ...

Santo Antonio - Five Senses Coffee

Santo Antonio

Heavy chocolate fudge, boozy sweetness & a lingering aftertaste. Santo Antonio Estates is the epitome of professionalism. Owning their own ...

Tightrope - Five Senses Coffee


This is a blend with character! With a large proportion of natural process Ethiopian coffee in the mix, our Tightrope blend will make you si...

Dark Horse (Jan. 2021) - Five Senses Coffee

Dark Horse (Jan. 2021)

Crafted from distinctive origins, our Dark Horse blend offers up a complex and dynamic cup whether in milk or as a black coffee. Enjoy rich ...

Boji - Five Senses Coffee


Bergamot florals, lemon pie & juicy apricot with increasing complexity on the cool. 25km southwest of Yirgacheffe Town in Ethiopia the smal...

Finca El Hato - Five Senses Coffee

Finca El Hato

Buttery milk chocolate, balanced with glacé cherry & mellow lemon acidity. The story of Finca El Hato goes right back to 1938 and the origi...

Samambaia Topazio - Five Senses Coffee

Samambaia Topazio

Toffee & dark honey flavours & a smooth, lasting finish. We have a long history with Fazenda Samambaia as it is one of the core members of ...