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Cold Brew Roast - Buddy Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Roast

Without further ado, we present our long-awaited and highly anticipated Cold Brew Roast! Once you try it, we think you’ll agree it was worth...

Rainforest Roast - Buddy Brew Coffee

Rainforest Roast

Rainforest Roast is the result of a very special relationship with our friends at Long Miles Coffee in Burundi, East Africa. Since 2013, Ben...

Old Florida Roast - Buddy Brew Coffee

Old Florida Roast

"Old Florida" is less of a geographic location than a particular state of mind. For locals, the moniker harkens to a less complicated time, ...

Sumatra Adsenia Organic - Buddy Brew Coffee

Sumatra Adsenia Organic

When you take a sip of Sumatra Adsenia, you experience notes as varied and complex as the region itself. These certified organic beans come ...

Ethiopia Sidama Guji Gr 1 Washed - Buddy Brew Coffee

Ethiopia Sidama Guji Gr 1 Washed

Ethiopia, known as the birthplace of coffee, has a traditional coffee ceremony to recognize its importance to the land and people. We think ...

Ethiopia Agaro Duromina - Buddy Brew Coffee

Ethiopia Agaro Duromina

Ethiopia is by all accounts the birthplace of coffee, and Western Ethiopia boasts a particularly sumptuous array of flavor profiles. We chos...

Panama Boquete Finca El Salto - Buddy Brew Coffee

Panama Boquete Finca El Salto

This exceptional coffee comes to us from the famed Finca Lerida plantation, the oldest coffee grower in Panama. Established in 1917, it is m...

Double Dog Espresso - Buddy Brew Coffee

Double Dog Espresso

As much fun as we like to have at work, we take espresso very seriously! Over the years we have roasted, formulated, cupped and tweaked this...

Shipwreck Roast - Buddy Brew Coffee

Shipwreck Roast

Shipwreck Roast epitomizes our "Brew Good, Do Good" mission. This annual spring release is a blend of some of our finest and freshest season...

Black Lab Roast - Buddy Brew Coffee

Black Lab Roast

Black Lab was crafted for all of you lovers of a full-bodied dark-roasted coffee. We tinkered in the roasting room until we matched these su...

Brazil Cerrado Fazenda Terra - Buddy Brew Coffee

Brazil Cerrado Fazenda Terra

Fazenda Terra Alta is a relatively new family-built farm in Brazil, a country known as one of the top coffee exporters in the world. Fazenda...

Gasparilla Roast - Buddy Brew Coffee

Gasparilla Roast

Ahoy, seadogs and scallywags! Gasparilla Roast has arrived! Our bestselling seasonal coffee honors Tampa's decades-old tradition of celebrat...

Costa Rica Emmanuel Lopez El Indio - Buddy Brew Coffee

Costa Rica Emmanuel Lopez El Indio

We love investing in family-run farms and watching them grow. Santos Lopez and his son Emmanuel operate the El Indio farm in Santa Cruz. Emm...

Cubano Espresso - Buddy Brew Coffee

Cubano Espresso

If beer and coffee are kissing cousins, then Cubano Espresso is a love match. We collaborated with Tampa’s own Cigar City Brewing Company to...

Decaf Colombia, Huila - Buddy Brew Coffee

Decaf Colombia, Huila

Decaffeinated coffee has a reputation for flat flavor and a less-than-satisfying finish — until now! This is by far the best we have found y...

Freedom Roast - Buddy Brew Coffee

Freedom Roast

Buddy Brew has partnered with VUVIVO Ministries again this year to help fight human trafficking through sales of this speciality coffee. Pro...

Roaster's Reserve Panama Finca Lerida Geisha - Buddy Brew Coffee

Roaster's Reserve Panama Finca Lerida Geisha

Get ready for Geisha, also known as Gesha, our latest Roaster’s Reserve selection. Geisha is one of the most rare and sought-after coffees v...