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Perhusa - Steadfast Coffee Roasters


Perhusa has been working since 1992 to improve the living conditions of small farmers in Peru. The group supports over 10,000 producers who ...

Finca Nueva  - Steadfast Coffee Roasters

Finca Nueva

During harvest time at Finca Nueva Granada, in the municipality of San Marcos, workers strap wicker baskets to their waists each morning, pr...

Cauca Acec - Steadfast Coffee Roasters

Cauca Acec

The Asociación de Caficultores Ecológicos del Cauca (ACEC) has 500 members who live within Popayán, a municipality of Cauca. The region i...

Gaucho - Steadfast Coffee Roasters


Inspired by the album we were listening to when first cupping this blend, Gaucho is a wonderful pairing of a Central and South American favo...

Watson - Steadfast Coffee Roasters


When we had this blend in mind, we wanted something that would be a little more nostalgic, like a classic detective story. Like Sherlock's ...

Ventura (Jan. 2021) - Steadfast Coffee Roasters

Ventura (Jan. 2021)

In the early 1900’s, two brothers set out to start growing coffee in the highlands of Comayagua, Honduras. After five generations, the Rodri...

Atticus - Steadfast Coffee Roasters


This seasonal multi-use blend is inspired by the literary character for which it's named. As espresso, the Atticus is balanced and consisten...

Las Montanas - Decaf - Steadfast Coffee Roasters

Las Montanas - Decaf

Colombia Las Montanas Natural Decaf is decaffeinated using Ethyl Acetate (EA). In this method the green beans are steamed or soaked to expan...