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House Blend - Tipico Coffee

House Blend

Tipico House Blend is made to deliver the perfect cup of coffee. We focus on development and balance in this blend. Comprised of coffees fro...

Colombia Manuel Jose Mosquero  - Tipico Coffee

Colombia Manuel Jose Mosquero

A neighbor of a recent coffee we offered (Ignacio Quintero), Manuel Jose Mosquero’s farm El Porvenir is a glorious coffee filled with big fr...

Dark Roast - Tipico Coffee

Dark Roast

Tipico Dark Roast takes a delicious coffee and adds just enough roast on it to bring out that smoky, full-bodied element so many people love...

Ethiopia Natural - Tipico Coffee

Ethiopia Natural

This dry-processed coffee comes from the Kayon Mountain Estate. All the big blueberry and winy character you can want in a natural. ...

Ethiopia Kochere - Tipico Coffee

Ethiopia Kochere

This washed-process Ethiopia is a Grade 1 from the Kochere region in Yirgacheffe. Floral, sweet, and light bodied, perfect for a batch brew ...

Colombia Cauca - Tipico Coffee

Colombia Cauca

A beautiful lot of coffee from the Southern Colombia region Cauca. Known for big flavors of ripe red cherry, caramel, and lots of sweetness....

Colombia Decaf - Tipico Coffee

Colombia Decaf

Our Colombia Decaf is processed using a sugar cane method. We roast it just a hint darker so it is versatile and good as espresso or drip. N...

Peru Primitiva Apaza - Tipico Coffee

Peru Primitiva Apaza

Sourced through our partnership with Red Fox Coffee Merchants and their head Aleco Chigounis, Primitiva Apaza is an exquisite coffee. We are...

Coordinates Espresso Blend - Tipico Coffee

Coordinates Espresso Blend

Coordinates is our flagship blend. It is comprised of coffees that represent us the best. Coordinates will take you to exactly where these c...

Honduras Jose Nery Castellanos - Tipico Coffee

Honduras Jose Nery Castellanos

The Santa Barbara mountain in Central Honduras is a modern marvel when it comes to churning out amazing individual farmer lots. This Pacas v...

Peru Evaristo Palomino - Tipico Coffee

Peru Evaristo Palomino

Sourced through our partnership with Red Fox Coffee Merchants and their head Aleco Chigounis, Evaristo Palomino is a farmer specific lot tha...