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Frühstück - Julius Meinl


This coffee is characterized by a light aroma with hints of dried fruit and a balanced medium roast. Perfect for a gentle start in the morni...

Sri Polson - Julius Meinl

Sri Polson

Sri Polson was a highly respected coffee pioneer in turn-of-the century Bombay. His hand-roasted coffee was one of India’s very first coffee...

Espresso Decaf - Julius Meinl

Espresso Decaf

Gently decaffeinated, this blend of premium Arabica beans and a touch of Robusta beans offers a well-balanced, soft flavours and a very velv...

Caffè Crema Selezione - Julius Meinl

Caffè Crema Selezione

Finest Arabica beans from the most colorful regions of Brazil and Central America and selected Robusta beans from Asia give this blend its c...

Bene Calixto - Julius Meinl

Bene Calixto

Benedicto Calixtos paintings delight the walls of the Brazilian coffee trade exchange from 1922 – representing the coffee bourgeoisie’s opul...

King Hadhramaut - Julius Meinl

King Hadhramaut

The mystical kingdom Hadhramaut was once the vivid center of the worldwide coffee trade. The finest quality coffees from all over the world ...

Lungo Arabica - Julius Meinl

Lungo Arabica

This blend consists of 100% Arabica beans from India, South and Central America. Very balanced, sweet with a full body with a nutty aroma an...

Espresso Decaf - Julius Meinl

Espresso Decaf

This decaf is a sweet sonnet of full flavour and gentle aftertaste. The blend consists of Arabica beans from South and Central America as we...

Espresso Guibileo - Julius Meinl

Espresso Guibileo

A perfect blend of the best sorts of Arabica beans for true coffee lovers, looking for a real taste and rich aroma with floral & fresh fruit...

Espresso Bio Fairtrade - Julius Meinl

Espresso Bio Fairtrade

This unique blend of 100% Arabica beans offers generous sensory experience of delicate fruity acidity and a pleasant aftertaste of hazelnut....

Präsident - Julius Meinl


The classic in our coffee range impresses through a typical Viennese roast, a fresh chocolate aroma and a well-balanced taste. Its special b...

Espresso Classico - Julius Meinl

Espresso Classico

This blend is a combination of selected coffees from South & Central America and Asia - a mixture of intense coffees, both in aroma and tast...

Wiener Melange - Julius Meinl

Wiener Melange

Only selected 100% Arabica beans from the world‘s best highland regions are used to create this espresso blend. Its perfect balance makes it...

Wiener Mokka - Julius Meinl

Wiener Mokka

This unique espresso blend with its typical Viennese roast is perfect for preparing "Mokka". The genuine and pure coffee is bold and intense...

Espresso Buonaroma - Julius Meinl

Espresso Buonaroma

This blend stimulates every coffee lover‘s taste buds with its defined, intense aroma and very rich, persistent, dark brown crema. ...

Manco Cápac - Julius Meinl

Manco Cápac

Manco Cápac was the mystical first ruler of the Incas. According to the legend, he gifted the Peruvian Highland with fertile soils and thus ...

Jubiläum - Julius Meinl


This premium coffee is a genuine Viennese roast characterized by a rich aroma of citrus and floral nuances and a soft flavor. It was created...

Espresso Crema - Julius Meinl

Espresso Crema

Espresso Crema is a perfectly balanced blend of premium Arabica coffees from Central America with a touch of Asian Robusta. Together, the tw...

Caffè Crema Intenso - Julius Meinl

Caffè Crema Intenso

Composed of selected beans sourced from South America and Asia, this rich blend is characterized by a full and strong aroma, a persistent af...

Espresso Arabica UTZ - Julius Meinl

Espresso Arabica UTZ

Carefully selected 100% Arabica beans from the leading coffee plantations of Brazil and Central America give this espresso its fresh flavour...

Lungo Classico - Julius Meinl

Lungo Classico

This unique 100% Arabica blend tells stories from Central and South America – a genuine epic tale of the beans’ origins. Careful dark roasti...

Wiener Espresso - Julius Meinl

Wiener Espresso

The typical Viennese roast with its particularly fruity hints and gentle aromas makes this espresso blend the ideal basis for preparing a Vi...

Lungo Fairtrade - Julius Meinl

Lungo Fairtrade

This intense and rich blend impresses through its well-balanced, sweet flavour and a long-lasting aftertaste. ...

Ristretto Intenso - Julius Meinl

Ristretto Intenso

This dark roasted premium coffee blend consists of top South American and East African Arabicas with a hint of the best Asian Robustas. The ...