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Beaumont - Ristretto Roasters


We named our first signature blend for the neighborhood in which we launched our first café and roastery in 2005, the Beaumont district in P...

Nicaragua Los Encuentros - Ristretto Roasters

Nicaragua Los Encuentros

This coffee comes to us from the Las Cuchillas community in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Leonardo Valle began growing coffee here in the 1940s, and ...

Cowboy - Ristretto Roasters


Din Johnson, founder and owner of Ristretto Roaster, named this blend in honor of a Brazilian farmer he met during a source trip to Brazil....

Brazil Santo Antônio - Ristretto Roasters

Brazil Santo Antônio

This special lot of coffee comes from both Pinhal and Santo Antônio Farms in the south of the state of Minas Gerais. Exceptionally sweet and...

Midnight Cowbow - Ristretto Roasters

Midnight Cowbow

Midnight Cowboy is a fresh take on a classic coffee. This full body blend is ideal for those who prefer the smokey flavors of darker roasts....

Decaf Blend - Ristretto Roasters

Decaf Blend

We start with great beans from the Planadas municipality in the Department of Tolima. (Tolima is regarded as a consistent source of some of ...

Nightfall - Ristretto Roasters


Our Nightfall Blend is a roasty treat, with the nutty flavor of noisette and a delicate cherry scent—it’s tailor made for those who prefer a...

Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Natural - Ristretto Roasters

Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Natural

The Sidamo growing region is located in the highlands south of the capital city of Addis Ababa. Ethiopia has a tremendous tradition of coffe...