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Mexican - Way Cool Beans


Light bodies, delicate, sweeter with caramel, toffee, or chocolate flavors....

Decaf - Way Cool Beans


Swiss water processed Costa Rica....

Sumatra - Way Cool Beans


Heavy bodied, earthy, woody and spicy, enchantingly unusual...

Donut Shop Blend - Way Cool Beans

Donut Shop Blend

No description available....

Peru - Way Cool Beans


Sweet, heavy bodied, not very complex....

Honduran - Way Cool Beans


Complex, fruity qualities, lively, juicy acidity....

Kenya - Way Cool Beans


Bright, complex berry/fruit qualities, sweet and intense acidity....

Tanzania Peaberry - Way Cool Beans

Tanzania Peaberry

Complex with bright and lively acidity. Juicy and interesting....

Guatemalan - Way Cool Beans


Light, with hints of fruit and chocolate....

House Blend - Way Cool Beans

House Blend

French Roasted Columbian and Sumatra...

Costa Rican - Way Cool Beans

Costa Rican

Very clean, sweet and light bodied. ...

Mokka Java - Way Cool Beans

Mokka Java

No description available....

Ethiopia - Way Cool Beans


Complex with hints of citrus and florals, very little acidity....

Nicaragua - Way Cool Beans


Complex with fruit-like flavors, clean acidity....

Dominican Republic - Way Cool Beans

Dominican Republic

Mild, low to middling in acidity and relatively clean....