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Guatemala - The Duck Coffee Co.


Coffee grown by women! The aroma is of molasses, walnut, musky, nutty, chocolate. The notes are chocolate, nutty, sweet, lemon and apricot. ...

Colombia - The Duck Coffee Co.


The participating women are all part of the 1st level Cooperative COSURCA, in the southern state of Cauca. There are about 160 participating...

Mexico Chiapas - The Duck Coffee Co.

Mexico Chiapas

Mexico FTO Chiapas is recognized for having a medium body, light to medium acidity, sweet, a hint of dark chocolate, balanced....

Ethiopia Natural Sidamo - The Duck Coffee Co.

Ethiopia Natural Sidamo

Known for medium body, delicate fruits, spice, and citrus. If you like tea flavors, this one is for you. Excellent for cold brew....

Sumatra - The Duck Coffee Co.


Deep and pungently spicy in the aroma with papaya and chocolate notes. In the cup medium-bodied, richly low-toned, and complexly fruity: pap...

Bolivia - The Duck Coffee Co.


Slightly spicy, full to heavy bodied, mild acidity, and has good balance. ...

Bali Blue Moon - The Duck Coffee Co.

Bali Blue Moon

A complex coffee with an exotic and syrupy body with hints of chocolate, vanilla and spice....

Honduras - The Duck Coffee Co.


Light body, med acidity, mild floral, nut, coco, breakfast coffee....

Cascadia Blend Decaf - The Duck Coffee Co.

Cascadia Blend Decaf

This coffee is so smooth you wouldn’t know it is decaffeinated! A blend of some of the best coffee growing regions of the world. "The goal ...

Uganda - The Duck Coffee Co.


A unique single origin coffee with a rich full body that has tastes of toffee, caramel and molasses with deep fruit overtones. The coffee is...

Costa Rica - The Duck Coffee Co.

Costa Rica

This coffee originates from a small farm called La Amistad. The La Amistad farm is located above 1200 meters near the border between Costa R...