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Trapper Creek Decaf - Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Trapper Creek Decaf

Finally, a decaf that holds its own. Recent updates to the organic Swiss Water decaf process have allowed for unparalleled flavor and cup qu...

Holler Mountain - Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Holler Mountain

A versatile and full-bodied blend, Holler Mountain is our signature organic blend that has been with us since the beginning. A hometown favo...

French Roast - Stumptown Coffee Roasters

French Roast

You have never tasted a dark roast quite like this. This toasty blend redefines what a dark roast can be – big and smoky, but never burnt....

Guatemala El Injerto Bourbon - Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Guatemala El Injerto Bourbon

A sweet combination of orange sherbet and buttery chocolate. This is desert island coffee....

Indonesia Bies Penantan - Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Indonesia Bies Penantan

This coffee is specially prepared for Stumptown by our partners at Ketiara, a tight knit, energetic and powerful cooperative community. Bies...

Rwanda Huye Mountain - Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Rwanda Huye Mountain

Crisp citrus and melon with a long, honeyed finish. ...

Hair Bender - Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Hair Bender

Named for a long-shuttered beauty parlor that housed the first Stumptown location, Hair Bender was the very first blend that Stumptown-found...

Ethiopia Suke Quto - Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Suke Quto

Exceptionally crisp, with notes of sweet honey and refreshing lemon-lime....

House Blend - Stumptown Coffee Roasters

House Blend

Our House Blend is comprised of some of our best seasonal single origin coffees, the components rotate so we can always bring it to you at p...

Colombia El Jordan - Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Colombia El Jordan

A balanced cup with notes of baked pear, brown sugar and vanilla cream. ...