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1 month ago • Chula Vista

Consistent For Espresso, full bodied and all around great. Like all beans, make sure you have fresh beans. Might want to place in a dark air tight container since their bags are stubborn and tend to open if youre not careful.

DecafNation - James Coffee Co.


No description available....

White Owl - James Coffee Co.

White Owl

A blend of Guatemala "Huehuetenago" and Ethiopia "Mokamba" Natural An organic blend with radiant sweet bright red berry, creamy vanilla and...

Shop Blend - James Coffee Co.

Shop Blend

Heavy, comforting and familiar. A medium roast that creates a coffee with rich sweet notes of chocolate and vanilla...

Kenya AB

Kenya AB "Rungeto Kii"

No description available....

Golden Hour Blend - James Coffee Co.

Golden Hour Blend

A blend of Guatemala "Huehuetenago", Colombia "Heriberto", and Ethiopia "Mokamba" Natural. Red berry, sweet cocoa, salted caramel. ...

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - James Coffee Co.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

No description available....

Night Owl - James Coffee Co.

Night Owl

Rich heavy bodied coffee with dark notes of hazelnut and maple syrup.Blended for use as espresso in our cafes but great as a cup of coffee. ...

Bourbon Barrel Aged - James Coffee Co.

Bourbon Barrel Aged

Ethiopia Sidamo "Shantewene" aged 3 months in a Makers Mark Bourbon Barrel with seared french oak staves and then roasted. Tasting Notes of...


Honduras "El Cañal"

No description available....