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9 months ago • Lakewood

Chocolatey and delicious. Cometeer brewing is always on point. Ready for some new roasts though!

9 months ago • Lakewood

Im having coffee with Kean- I mean Johnny Silverhand.

9 months ago • Dallas

Quite good especially for decaf its from cometeer so its an instant frozen pod and very futuristic.

8 months ago • Lakewood

A very good fika this afternoon. 27 with sleet patches causing me to slip may not sound relaxing, but it was for the same reason children like standing in the rain. Rain is fun but also temporary, so enjoy it while it lasts even if uncomfortable. That was me with the cold today (and with a lot of things in life lately). For example, Covid is temporary too. Im excited for the months ahead for so many reasons. One major one is to finally get a coffee in a real life coffee shop with @kelsea.

8 months ago • Lakewood

LOVE this new roast.

8 months ago • Dallas

Pretty good, not my favorite but still good. But we are snowed in so just happy to have some coffee.

8 months ago • Lakewood

Lots of work to do today so straight into it, zero fika morning. This cold needs to go so that our new beans get here from Blue Bottle. Until then, this go to is pretty nice.

7 months ago •


6 months ago •
6 months ago • Lakewood

Auto dripper out of commission, fortunately Cometteer sent me a new Counter Culture roast. Increasingly I find that I like the medium tasting notes, even though I claim to only like dark coffee.No pic today, my app is in a very precarious debugging state. :)

4 months ago •
4 months ago • Good Fika @ Home

I just got this gem in today from Counter Culture. It is AMAZING!

3 months ago • Dallas

First log - look forward to using this more to enhance my coffee experience. Will try some of the recommendations tomorrow.

3 months ago • Dallas

Chemex pour over with paper filter

3 months ago •

Used heavy cream. Microwaved for 7 seconds and a hand wand to create the frothy consistency. Poured the shot from the Gaggia Anima Prestige and poured the heated heavy cream over the top. Photo is after the first few sips.

3 months ago • Dallas

Its interesting because its not a sweet coffee by any means but it definitely has sweet undertones. The aroma isnt anything to write home about and the flavors it does have are pretty subtle.

3 months ago •

Using version 1.2 of my pour over recipe. Went with a little finer grind which was able to extract more flavors that I was missing before.

2 months ago •

Bad pour over but pretty good roast all things considered.

2 months ago • Dallas

Very drinkable slight notes of fruitiness.Pour over - 25g of ground coffee (size 8 out of 18) so somewhat finer for a pour over. 400g of water at 205 degrees. Approx 4:30 minutes total brew time.

3 weeks ago •

Good brew with some chocolate notes. Bold flavor with a subtle hint of sweetness at the end.

3 weeks ago • Good Fika @ Home

Went French press style with this roast today. I get more chocolate flavor this way compared to the auto drip. Tastes like a medium roast with some chocolate background flavors. I remember first having this roast as a pour over in Starkville, MS and that so far has been the best way to enjoy this roast. Cant wait to get a pour over setup soon!

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