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Hala - Coutume Café D'Exception


It was in 2017 that our team met the radiant coffee producer Marceline Budza in Congo. It was at the age of 28 that Marceline decided to fou...

Tabe Burka - Coutume Café D'Exception

Tabe Burka

This coffee is produced by the two brothers Edema - Tadesse and Dembelash. The first manages the Barkume Coffee Export based in Addis Ababa ...

Palma Condor - Coutume Café D'Exception

Palma Condor

Palma Condor is a certified organic blend, produced from coffees from six small farms, of catimor, caturra, typica and pache varieties. Its ...

Latimojong - Coutume Café D'Exception


On the remote lands of Latimojung, coffee trees are grown in endemic forests or planted by producers. Since 2014 and with the help of the Kl...

Filadelfia - Coutume Café D'Exception


The history of Finca Filadelfia begins several generations ago. Oscar Hoyos and his wife have worked their whole lives to improve the qualit...

Buku Abel - Coutume Café D'Exception

Buku Abel

Demissie Edema! Does this name ring a bell? At Coutume, since 2018 we have been won over by the coffees produced by this passionate producer...

Arbegona Moplaco - Coutume Café D'Exception

Arbegona Moplaco

A coffee from the lots of the Arbegona station located in the highlands of the Sidama region. Even though this region is known to be traditi...

Bourbon Rose - Coutume Café D'Exception

Bourbon Rose

Bourbon Rose is a variety that has appeared in recent years in Colombia, more precisely in the region of Huila. "She is a great lady who req...

Tabi - Coutume Café D'Exception


The Tabi is the result of a program conducted since 2017 by the Exporter InConexus and the Coprocafe association in Garzon, in the Huila reg...

Kira - Coutume Café D'Exception


Coutume is very proud to offer this new coffee from Burundi, a country that we have cherished since 2014 for the incredible potential of its...