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Finca San Jose De Las Nubes - Deeper Roots Coffee

Finca San Jose De Las Nubes

Sweetness of a caramel chew, flavor of oolong tea and acidity of stewed peach? Yes please. Finca San Jose de Las Nubes is a small coffee fa...

Edgar Cosigua - Deeper Roots Coffee

Edgar Cosigua

Crisp green apple, pithy raisin and dripping with caramel sweetness. This honey processed coffee from FSJM has soft mouthfeel and a seriousl...

Community Blend - Deeper Roots Coffee

Community Blend

A no frills, balanced blend that is chocolatey and syrupy with caramel sweetness. It’s made to be welcoming to all but it ain’t your dad’s ...

Ija'tz - Deeper Roots Coffee


Notes of sweet, decadent figs are enveloped by fragrant orange and a smooth, milk chocolate mouthfeel. Ija’tz (pronounced: ee-hahts) is a ...

Typica San Roque - Deeper Roots Coffee

Typica San Roque

Deliciously warming tasting notes. In the cup you’ll find cherry acidity, followed by flavors of almond and meringue. We couldn't be more ...

La Armonia Hermosa - Deeper Roots Coffee

La Armonia Hermosa

This year's crop offers notes of Black Cherry, Honey and Chocolate. La Armonia Hermosa is more to us than just the name of a coffee we off...

Cabin Fever - Deeper Roots Coffee

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever is here! With winter comes biting winds and blustery, frost covered mornings, requiring something full of warmth and cheer to ge...

Shantawene - Deeper Roots Coffee


Remember that time you had your first natural process coffee that punched you right in the taste buds. This is like that. Full of surprises...

Mwika North - Deeper Roots Coffee

Mwika North

Dark fruits and syrupy sweetness make this coffee a perfect fit for rounding out the summer and heading into fall. All of us here at DRC ha...

Losantiville - Deeper Roots Coffee


This blend was designed for dark roast lovers without actually roasting the coffee dark. We wanted to preserve the flavors and oils of the ...

Alchemy Espresso - Deeper Roots Coffee

Alchemy Espresso

Sweetness plays a prominent role in this coffee and is balanced nicely by a light edge of acidity and a dense, creamy body This coffee is s...

Decaf Oaxaca - Deeper Roots Coffee

Decaf Oaxaca

This decaf has a thick, creamy body and is sweet to its core. The orange acidity helps balance it and we bet you can fool your friends on t...

Finca el Misterio - Deeper Roots Coffee

Finca el Misterio

Remarkably sweet, this coffee carries notes of unrefined cane sugar, baked apples and the mellow sweetness of chamomile blossoms. Located ...

Solok Radjo - Deeper Roots Coffee

Solok Radjo

What happens when you take the creamy citrus of an orange creamsicle, toss in some rhubarb acidity and dark sweetness of brown sugar? You g...