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Early Bird - Press House Coffee

Early Bird

Aromas of candied fruit and milk chocolate welcome you to a lively, juicy cup. Sweetness and fruity undertones make Early Bird a great way t...

Sierra Sur - Press House Coffee

Sierra Sur

No description available....

AA Kiambara - Press House Coffee

AA Kiambara

No description available....

Control Flow - Press House Coffee

Control Flow

Background fruitiness and chocolatey presence make this sweet and lively espresso blend a true crowdpleaser. This blend's robust body makes ...

Riley's Roast - Press House Coffee

Riley's Roast

From the beautiful island of Hawaii, we bring you this small estate bean grown on the tropical slopes of the Hualalai Volcano. We named this...

Key Lime Pie - Press House Coffee

Key Lime Pie

No description available....

Chillwave - Press House Coffee


Chillwave is our blend specifically selected and roasted to make exceptional cold brew. Smooth, intense dark chocolate notes with very littl...

Dream Spot - Press House Coffee

Dream Spot

No description available....

Hald-Caff - Press House Coffee


This citrusy-sweet blend has all the flavor with half the kick. A chocolately mouthfeel supported by background smokiness leads to a clean f...

Dukunde Kawa Natural - Press House Coffee

Dukunde Kawa Natural

No description available....

Blueberry Muffin - Press House Coffee

Blueberry Muffin

The vibrant blueberry notes of Ethiopian beans are balanced with coffees that deliver the warm and rich characteristics of fresh baked goods...

Tavern Blend - Press House Coffee

Tavern Blend

A dark roast crafted to bring you right back to your favorite diner. Blended with bean from Cameroun, Brazil, and Ethiopia, Tavern Blend is ...

Finca El Mango Black Honey - Press House Coffee

Finca El Mango Black Honey

A very interesting coffee to roast due to the amount of mucilage left on the bean through the Black Honey Process. So much sugar is left beh...

American Pie Blend - Press House Coffee

American Pie Blend

The true American unifying force is finally here. That delicious waft of your grandma's home-baked love greets your mug every morning with w...

Kona Reserve - Press House Coffee

Kona Reserve

The geology and climate of the Kona region of Hawaii make it one of the premiere coffee growing regions of the world. Rich volcanic soils ar...

Cup of Joe - Press House Coffee

Cup of Joe

A hallmark medium roast that displays sweetness and depth. Toffee and nut flavors are up front while citrus and spice linger....

Race Day - Press House Coffee

Race Day

Crafted with runners in mind, Race Day Blend is light roasted to provide an energizing boost of caffeine and full of lively, invigorating fl...

Mutitu - Press House Coffee


No description available....

Decaf  - Press House Coffee


We believe Decaf should be just as good as the rest of our selections. Our take is full of rich flavor, with notes of raisin and red fruit b...

Finca Los Papales Java Honey - Press House Coffee

Finca Los Papales Java Honey

No description available....