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Peru Kovachii - Flight Coffee Co.

Peru Kovachii

We are excited to add this Peru to our line up of single origin coffees. It's a complex coffee from the Cajamarca region of Northern Peru. W...

Moon Landing - Flight Coffee Co.

Moon Landing

Of course we just had to do a blend around the first moon landing- our brand is after all built around our rocket ship and the whole notion ...

Moonshot - Flight Coffee Co.


Our roast on this coffee brings out a perfect caramelization of the sugars during the roast process. When it comes to espresso a lot of roas...

Ground Control Decaf - Flight Coffee Co.

Ground Control Decaf

No description available....

Ethiopia Sidamo Shantawene G1 - Flight Coffee Co.

Ethiopia Sidamo Shantawene G1

This coffee comes from Daye Bensa, a family owned collective that is the definition of relationship coffee—they work closely with their "out...

Kenya Baragwi Guama AB - Flight Coffee Co.

Kenya Baragwi Guama AB

There is just no denying this offering from the Kirinyaga District is a juicy one. As a group, we got nectarine in the front, middle and en...

Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Minanga TP G1 - Flight Coffee Co.

Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Minanga TP G1

We're excited to offer a Sulawesi coffee once again! It's been too long.. We're tasting notes of cranberry, thyme and honey. From Our I...

Peru Finca La Lima SHB G1 FTO - Flight Coffee Co.

Peru Finca La Lima SHB G1 FTO

This is another exciting Peruvian coffee! It's juicy and complex with high notes of apple and lemon finishing with subtle notes of plum. The...

Space Dog Blend - Flight Coffee Co.

Space Dog Blend

A blend for all good dogs and their owners, this cup is fetching! Deep, complex, brooding- we capture all of the sugar browning notes in th...

Blitzened Holiday Blend - Flight Coffee Co.

Blitzened Holiday Blend

It is here! We present you with Blitzened, A truly complex, sweet, and savory cup made with a good bit of our Sulawesi Sapan Minanga. This...

Lift Off - Flight Coffee Co.

Lift Off

Our signature espresso, Lift Off is complexly layered, deeply saturated and there is a persuasive sweetness throughout. ...

Guatemala Huehuetenango Union Cantinil - Flight Coffee Co.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Union Cantinil

In 2012, Claudia fell in love with a coffee from Huehuetenango. Affectionately referred to as "Huehues" (pronounced "way-ways"), these coff...

Roger, that! - Flight Coffee Co.

Roger, that!

No description available. ...

Colombia Asobombo Inza - Flight Coffee Co.

Colombia Asobombo Inza

This is an organic washed lot from Asobombo Inza, located in Colombia's Cauca region, notable for its mountains and volcanoes. Grown at heig...

Pluto Cold Brew Blend - Flight Coffee Co.

Pluto Cold Brew Blend

Pluto: furthest planet (yes, we're still hanging on) from the sun, and, consequently, the coolest, both in terms of temperature and jazzy-ne...