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Ethiopian atural Mormora Estate - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Ethiopian atural Mormora Estate

This organic fair-trade coffee comes from the Mormora Estate in southern Ethiopia. These beans were dried with the fruit and skin left on (n...

Sulawesi Rantekarua Estate - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Sulawesi Rantekarua Estate

This Organic Indonesian coffee was grown in the high mountains in southern Sulawesi. This is a full-body coffee with tasty dark chocolate to...

Espresso Blend Northern Italian Style - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Espresso Blend Northern Italian Style

Here we blend three wonderful organic beans together to give you an espresso that is smooth with chocolate and sweet berry tones. We designe...

Good Things Happen in Philadelphia - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Good Things Happen in Philadelphia

Show your Philly Pride while enjoying this smooth and sweet blend of Organic Honduran and Organic Colombian coffees. We are passionate abou...

Mexican Oaxaca - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Mexican Oaxaca

This organic Mexican coffee has a wonderfully smooth milk chocolate flavor with a bright lemon finish. These beans are grown in the very hig...

Bali Blue Moon - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Bali Blue Moon

These Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified beans were grown on the Kintamani Highlands near the Gunung Agung Volcano on the beautiful i...

Java Taman Dadar - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Java Taman Dadar

This Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee delivers a syrupy smooth flavor profile full of chocolate, vanilla and cherry tones. A...

Papua New Guinea Timuza Tribe - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Papua New Guinea Timuza Tribe

Typical of most Indonesian coffees, this Organic Papua New Guinea has a long flavor profile that lingers in your mouth with notes of dark c...

House Blend - Passero's Coffee Roasters

House Blend

Here we blend two outstanding single-origin coffees - an Organic Colombian with an Organic Honduran - to produce a smooth cup that is medium...

Black Gold - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Black Gold

This dark-roasted organic blend has a smooth, full-mouth taste with slight caramel notes and a smoky finish. This is our darkest coffee and ...

Kenya AA TOP - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Kenya AA TOP

The prized beans were grown on the Western slopes of Mt. Kenya. Their "AA" and "TOP" ratings reflect the highest quality available within Ke...

Honduras Manos de Mujer - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Honduras Manos de Mujer

These sweet organic fair-trade beans were grown by the Manos De Mujer Co-op. Only female-owned farms are a part of this co-op. They come tog...

Decaf House Blend - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Decaf House Blend

This blend of tasty coffees from Java & Sumatra are Swiss-water processed (no chemicals used to decaffeinate). The coffee is very smooth an...

Flores Komodo Dragon - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Flores Komodo Dragon

This organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified Indonesian coffee has a smooth, dark bittersweet chocolate taste. It has been roasted medium-dar...

Wear The Damn Mask - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Wear The Damn Mask

We don't think wearing a mask is a political statement. We think it shows a basic respect for your community. We have blended a couple w...

Costa Rican Finca Gravileas Tarrazu - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Costa Rican Finca Gravileas Tarrazu

These organic fair-trade beans give you a clean cup with sweet orange and lemon flavors. Although it is medium-roasted, there is a nice lon...

Decaf Espresso Blend - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Decaf Espresso Blend

Who says you can't enjoy a decaffeinated espresso? This full-flavored and sweet blend is very tasty and creates wonderful crema. The bea...

Black Dog Brew - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Black Dog Brew

This blend was named after our beloved black lab retriever. We blended some of our favorite beans to create a more full-bodied, super smooth...

50/50 Blend - 50% Decaf & 50% Caffeinated - Passero's Coffee Roasters

50/50 Blend - 50% Decaf & 50% Caffeinated

Sometimes you still want a tasty, smooth cup of coffee but don't want all the caffeine. This hits the spot. Great rich taste but half the c...

Sumatra KKGO - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Sumatra KKGO

This is a wonderfully smooth, syrup-like coffee with milk chocolate tones which holds up well with any meal. These beans have been roasted m...

Tanzanian Peaberry APK Estate - Passero's Coffee Roasters

Tanzanian Peaberry APK Estate

This Tanzanian is one of our favorite coffees. It is a more full-body coffee with sweet apricot, raspberry & caramel. This is a wonderfully ...