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Jesus Pajajoy - Summit Coffee

Jesus Pajajoy

Processing is done in traditional smallholder fashion — coffee fruit is manually depulped by either hand or rigged with motors, fermentation...

Rutas del Inca Peru - Summit Coffee

Rutas del Inca Peru

We are stoked to be releasing our seventh harvest of Rutas del Inca — an organic coffee that has a special parallel to our growth as a compa...

Basecamp - Summit Coffee


Our house blend, this medium roast is currently Colombia / Mexico, with tasting notes of black cherry, roasted hazelnut, semi-sweet chocolat...

Kilimanjaro - Summit Coffee


Blends have a bad rep, but Kilimanjaro brings out the best of two coffees. Featuring a juicy, fruit-forward coffee from East Africa, balance...

Bloom - Summit Coffee


Always fresh, always seasonal, Bloom is our newest year-round offering, featuring a rotating selection from one of our amazing producers aro...

Tega and Tula - Summit Coffee

Tega and Tula

Our roasting team was really excited to bring back this coffee! Brian was lucky enough to meet Ahadu a few years ago. We were excited to hig...

Pitch Black - Summit Coffee

Pitch Black

We've made a dark roast that coffee nerds would love to drink, and a coffee that dark roast enthusiasts can get excited about. Pitch Black i...

Descent Decaf - Summit Coffee

Descent Decaf

We would only sell a decaf coffee if we loved the taste. Well, here it is. Descent is a certified organic, naturally decaffeinated coffee wi...