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Jamara Farm - Goshen Coffee Company

Jamara Farm

Grown on one of Rwanda’s premier single estates, this coffee is an example to what the region’s terroir can offer to the coffee world. It’s ...

Ethiopia - Goshen Coffee Company


Exotic notes of citrus & honey with a medium body, brilliant acidity, chocolate finish. ...

Mocha Java - Goshen Coffee Company

Mocha Java

Early sailors between the ports of Moka, Yemen and Java Indonesia weren't big fans of either countries coffees. However, an accidental blend...

Founder's Blend - Goshen Coffee Company

Founder's Blend

A blend that was created by Goshen’s original founders, this rich coffee is bright with stone fruit notes while having a balanced caramel li...

Brazil - Goshen Coffee Company


Honeyed cocoa aroma, smooth-bodied, with a beautiful sweet candied nut finish. ...

Spring Fling - Goshen Coffee Company

Spring Fling

Come out of hibernation with us and taste the flavors of spring time. Lots of bright and fresh fruits dominate the flavor of the coffee that...

Guatemala - Goshen Coffee Company


Butterscotch aroma, soft acidity & full-bodied, a luscious peanut butter fudge taste. ...

Old Schoool Tattoo - Goshen Coffee Company

Old Schoool Tattoo

Trends come and go, but just like this coffee, an old school tattoo never goes out of style. A traditional balanced blend that's roasted to ...

Black Dog Espresso - Goshen Coffee Company

Black Dog Espresso

Black as dark chocolate and loyal as man's best friend, this espresso roast is one you can always count on. A slow roast that turns sugar in...

Breakfast - Goshen Coffee Company


Wake up with this one of a kind blend that was created with an energetic fervor. This coffee is mildly nutty with a prominent syrupy body, l...

Sumatra - Goshen Coffee Company


Fruity spice & herbal notes in the aroma combined with baker's chocolate & a classic heavy, earthy flavor. ...

French Roast - Goshen Coffee Company

French Roast

Developed in 19th Century Europe, this style of coffee has been a stable with bold coffee drinkers since then. A long roast them amplifies s...

Colombia - Goshen Coffee Company


Aroma of salted fudge & hazelnuts, with a pleasant acidity and a light bittersweet chocolate flavor. ...

Mitad Del Mundo Peaberry - Goshen Coffee Company

Mitad Del Mundo Peaberry

From around 20 producers residing in the Loja growing region, this coffee is incredibly aromatic. You'll find a predominant honeydew melon n...

Bona Fide - Goshen Coffee Company

Bona Fide

This heritage blend is a sincere promise that our coffee will never let you down. Authentically crafted to highlight the smooth body and car...

Decaf Bona Fide - Goshen Coffee Company

Decaf Bona Fide

For those who appreciate great tasting coffee, but who's bodies don't appreciate the caffeine. Our decaf coffee shows that you don't need to...

Moonstone - Goshen Coffee Company


Ancient cultures coveted moonstones and wore them to bring good fortune with feelings of love and affection. This blend was developed to bri...