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Papua New Guinea - Lariat Coffee

Papua New Guinea

A dark roasted island coffee with the perfect balance of body and acidity. This coffee is a year-round staff favorite with creamy body, medi...

Outlaw Espresso - Lariat Coffee

Outlaw Espresso

Sure to become a legend! This rich & thick espresso delivers creamy body and smothers your senses with baker’s chocolate and brown sugar. It...

Basecamp Espresso - Lariat Coffee

Basecamp Espresso

Bold, balanced and energizing! This award-winning traditional espresso will please your palate with flavors of chocolate & caramel along wit...

Buck Mountain Blend - Lariat Coffee

Buck Mountain Blend

Heavy, full-bodied & satisfying…"takes you out of a rut." An earthy, syrupy blend that’s heavy on the palate with aromatic hints of wine an...

Spring Ride - Lariat Coffee

Spring Ride

Available during the Spring season only. A bold, complex energizing blend. A dark roasted coffee with good body, bright floral aroma and a f...

Sumatra - Lariat Coffee


A thick, earthy, syrupy coffee with rich smooth flavors of wine, chocolate & notes of brown sugar. We take care not to over-roast this sun-d...

Cowboy Mud French Roast - Lariat Coffee

Cowboy Mud French Roast

A Deep, dark, rugged "French Roast" with enough kick to spur you along! An extra-bold, rich blend with dark chocolate overtones, herbal not...

16 Hands House Blend - Lariat Coffee

16 Hands House Blend

Rich, smooth & full-bodied…sure to measure up to the most discriminating palate. With a sweet nutty aroma and a creamy berry finish, this cr...

No Trace Decaf Blend - Lariat Coffee

No Trace Decaf Blend

This rich, bold and full-bodied decaffeinated coffee is like no other. The Swiss-Water patented process eliminates the caffeine and is 100% ...

Guatemala - Lariat Coffee


A dark roasted, light to medium bodied coffee with bright fruity intensity, nutty aroma, sweet caramel overtones and a clean finish. This si...

Coyote Breakfast Blend - Lariat Coffee

Coyote Breakfast Blend

Bright & lively…the perfect wake up call! A dynamic light-bodied coffee with a sweet roasted nut aroma and lingering hints of caramel and ma...