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Colombia French Roast - Oasis Coffee Spot

Colombia French Roast

French Roast is our take on a big, bold, dark roasted coffee. We use fresh coffee from Colombia, and roast the coffee just dark enough to br...

Colombia Supremo - Oasis Coffee Spot

Colombia Supremo

The coffee comes from the several smallholder farms around Buesaco county, a region known for its unique microclimate with dry, soft breezes...

Day Break - Oasis Coffee Spot

Day Break

We teamed up with Sudden Coffee and our buds at Woosah Outfitters to create a specialty instant coffee. Day Break is a blend of high-quality...

West Side Blend - Oasis Coffee Spot

West Side Blend

Grand Rapids, Michigan has a lot of historical significance for Ferris — we have lived on the West Side of the city for almost a century. Th...

West Coast Blend - Oasis Coffee Spot

West Coast Blend

The idea behind West Coast Blend was to provide a coffee that can appeal to many different palates, and today it is our best selling blend. ...

House Blend - Oasis Coffee Spot

House Blend

House Blend is a great daily drinker that we use in our coffee shops. This blend is made up of equal parts Costa Rica Montañas del Diamante ...

Brazil Fortaleza - Oasis Coffee Spot

Brazil Fortaleza

Coming from a small micro-region called Chapadão de Ferro (pronounced Chop-Ah-Dow) in the Cerrado Mineiro growing region of Brazil, Brazil F...

Burundi Incuti Washed - Oasis Coffee Spot

Burundi Incuti Washed

Bold, bright, and new to our line up this year, Incuti Washed truly exemplifies the region of Burundi. The Incuti producers craft a cup of c...

1924 espresso - Oasis Coffee Spot

1924 espresso

An ode to our birth year, this is our house espresso blend we use in our coffee shops. This well balanced blend combines bright acidity and ...

Brazil Serra Negra Decaf - Oasis Coffee Spot

Brazil Serra Negra Decaf

For those looking for flavor but without the caffeine, this coffee is accented by notes of cashew, caramel, and lemon curd. It offers a mild...

Bridge Street Revival - Oasis Coffee Spot

Bridge Street Revival

While we will always stay true to our roots, we are also people who embrace change. The floral design of Bridge St. Revival is inspired by t...

Colombia Decaf - Oasis Coffee Spot

Colombia Decaf

Expect to love decaf coffee in a whole new way with this amazing tasting cup of coffee. This coffee yields a nutty, chocolate flavor with a ...

Rwanda Huye Mountain - Oasis Coffee Spot

Rwanda Huye Mountain

With the aim of providing supreme coffee of the region to international markets while also supporting his community, David Rubanzangabo open...

Burundi Incuti Natural - Oasis Coffee Spot

Burundi Incuti Natural

Naturally processed coffees heighten the tasting notes to new levels. You'll be able to experience all that Burundi coffee has offer within ...

Kent Club - Oasis Coffee Spot

Kent Club

Kent Club is our best-selling light roast blend, currently being served at breakfast establishments all over West Michigan and beyond. The ...