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Boreas - Kahwa Cafe


A Medium roast that has more subtle body than the other blends. Hints of hazelnut and a light quality make this a perfect blend for anyone w...

Mistral - Kahwa Cafe


A Medium Roast blended especially for espresso brewing. This blend has strong body with a sweet, creamy finish and a pleasant aftertaste tha...

Cubano Blend - Kahwa Cafe

Cubano Blend

A traditional Cuban Blend best served as an espresso or café con leche. A darker roast that is strong and robust with a sweet finish. Anyone...

No. 3, Evan Longoria Blend - Kahwa Cafe

No. 3, Evan Longoria Blend

Back for a limited time due to popular demand! This Signature Series Blend created for Evan Longoria is a sweet and nutty coffee with a full...

Rwanda Misozi Kopakaki Co-op - Kahwa Cafe

Rwanda Misozi Kopakaki Co-op

We offer this Rwandan coffee as a medium roast. It has notes of peach, sugar and black tea. Great for Iced coffee or cold brew methods. Mis...

Balue Blue Moon - Kahwa Cafe

Balue Blue Moon

New to the Kahwa lineup- Bali Blue Moon. This medium roast is made with 100% Arabica Coffee Beans. ...

Zonda Decaffeinated - Kahwa Cafe

Zonda Decaffeinated

A Dark Roast that uses beans decaffeinated naturally without the use of chemicals. This roast brings out notes of dark chocolate–lots of tas...

Anniversary Blend - Kahwa Cafe

Anniversary Blend

Celebrate with our Anniversary Blend, a medium dark roast with a sweet and well balanced body. Taste the bold fudge notes as well as a hint ...

Sirocco - Kahwa Cafe


Sirocco is our most popular blend for home brewing. Sirocco is a drip coffee blend. A Medium Dark Roast with a full body. Beans from four d...

Organic Colombian - Kahwa Cafe

Organic Colombian

This Organic coffee is roasted at medium. It has sweet cherry flavor with milk chocolate notes. The Organic Colombia Tolima AGPROCEM coffee...