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6 months ago • Good Fika @ Home

Slightly lemon-y/citrus. Delicious. Definitely will be getting a second box 🤩

Used it with the Breville yesterday and it was a miss. It is way better as a pour over.

Faiber Cordoba - Sey Coffee

Faiber Cordoba

It’s no secret that beautiful Caturras from Colombia are amongst our favorite coffees. San Agustín is famous for producing sweet and deeply ...

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Edison Rodriguez Decaf

This is our first decaf offering and, to be honest, we're quite happy with it. In the cup we find a lovely, cherry-like acidity, excellent s...

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This Caturra variety from Gustavo and Adriana is, in many ways, exactly what we look for out of Colombian Caturras. It is a very elegant rep...

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Cecelia Rivera

This is a new producer for us, and her coffee is amazing. Despite all of the "more exotic" varieties now being grown in Colombia, a beautifu...