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guatemala - Black Velvet Coffee


High-grown, hard-bean coffees from Guatemala are a staple offering for us as they are for many coffee roasters: The crisp acidity, full body...

Costa Rica - Black Velvet Coffee

Costa Rica

Café Vida captures the classic profile of a Washed Costa Rican coffee, with up-front sweetness, mild nuttiness, and sparkling but gentle cit...

Decaf Brazil - Black Velvet Coffee

Decaf Brazil

Take advantage of a great program dedicated to bringing the highest-quality, non-chemical-processed decaf coffees to market. Our Origin Sele...

Brazil - Black Velvet Coffee


Serra Negra, or "black mountain" is a Brazilian profile that captures the most classic profile from Minas Gerais, the growing region that in...

Ethiopia - Black Velvet Coffee


.In 2007, Cafe Imports head of sourcing and CEO, Jason Long, cupped a coffee from a western region of Ethiopia not very well-known then for ...