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Compost Bear - Mostra Coffee

Compost Bear

Check out our new and exciting coffee collaboration, "COMPOST BEAR" with Kevin (Epic Gardening) and Bryan Espiritu! When Kevin and Bryan wer...

El Salvador Rodrigo Dumont - Mostra Coffee

El Salvador Rodrigo Dumont

Grown at up to 1500MASL in Santa Ana, this lot of Bourbon, Pacas heritage Bourbon, and Catimor yields a very well rounded cup, with a smooth...

Cold Brew Blend - Mostra Coffee

Cold Brew Blend

Blend changes seasonally but is meant for a super-even cold extraction....

House Decaf - Mostra Coffee

House Decaf

The Decaf SWP is grown in the Americas and decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process (SWP). The SWP method is done in small batches and i...

Vietnam Lotus - Mostra Coffee

Vietnam Lotus

One of our most popular coffees is back!! This regional blend of ~100 farmers (part of the LIFT sustainability program) from in Da Lat is su...

House Blend - Mostra Coffee

House Blend

Mostra’s House Blend melds together the chocolatey, nuttiness of the Brazil with the earthy, sweet tobacco flavor notes of the Indonesia Sum...

Philippine Benguet  - Mostra Coffee

Philippine Benguet

Every year, Mostra tries to buy as much coffee from the Philippines as possible. To make this possible we are always exploring options with ...

Philippines Garnica Sitio Belis - Mostra Coffee

Philippines Garnica Sitio Belis

Very smooth and creamy with a few delicate notes, this medium roast makes a great daily drinker. Check out the video on our "About Us" pag...

Nick's Pancakes - Mostra Coffee

Nick's Pancakes

This is a loud cup of coffee. Our roaster, Nick, has eclectic tastes across the coffee spectrum that sometimes veer into... well, not eccen...

El Salvador Anny Ruth's Black Honey - Mostra Coffee

El Salvador Anny Ruth's Black Honey

When Anny Ruth Courson née Pimentel took over the family farm Loma la Gloria in 2012, she started experimenting with processing and focused ...

Colombia Yaqueline Hernandez - Mostra Coffee

Colombia Yaqueline Hernandez

We are super excited to branch out with more micro-lots from Cedro Alto this year!! More on that below, but first, Yaqueline’s coffee: Sup...

Ethiopia Sidama - Mostra Coffee

Ethiopia Sidama

This coffee is characterized by medium acidity, silky fruity notes with clarity and brightness, and good mouthfeel aftertaste; a great examp...

Ethiopia Anaerobic Honeyed - Mostra Coffee

Ethiopia Anaerobic Honeyed

A fun new coffee from Sidama, delicate and complex rather than big and intense like the naturals that may spring to mind at first. Anaerobic...

Ghost Bear Espresso  - Mostra Coffee

Ghost Bear Espresso

Deep inside the mysterious Atok mountain region of Benguet, Philippines lies the Sitio Belis Coffee Estate. While unknowingly camping on a g...

Colombia Passiflora - Mostra Coffee

Colombia Passiflora

One of our favorites of 2020 makes a return this year - intense sweetness and just such a well-rounded cup. Direct trade and micro-lot are ...

V.I.P Blend - Mostra Coffee

V.I.P Blend

V.I.P. - Vietnam. Indonesia. And of course, Philippines. Your new favorite medium roast blend. Recently we found some standout coffees fr...

Kenya AB Baragwi - Mostra Coffee

Kenya AB Baragwi

Well, yup, this is definitely a Kenyan coffee - big pop of smooth sweetness and a satiny, lingering acidity. Sometimes with certain coffees ...

Brazil Oberon - Mostra Coffee

Brazil Oberon

Oberon coffee could be described as the Queen of Brazilian coffees. Only the best and finest coffees from Brazil’s Cerrado region find their...