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The Core Espresso - Highwire Coffee Roasters

The Core Espresso

Our signature coffee. Designed to be equally at home in a pour-over, french press or espresso machine. The Core delivers the whole package -...

Fingerprints - Bella Carmona, Guatemala - Highwire Coffee Roasters

Fingerprints - Bella Carmona, Guatemala

When we look for a classic Guatemala coffee, we think of a cup that has everything. Brightness, body, and finish. A beautiful coffee from th...

Conscientious Objector - Highwire Coffee Roasters

Conscientious Objector

Organic coffee didn't used to taste this good. Back in the 1990s, many coffee roasters resisted adding certified organic coffees to their li...

Bauhaus - Highwire Coffee Roasters


Dark Roast coffee the way we like it. Bauhaus is our darkest one. Spooky. Among many third-wave roasters, darker flavors are scary as many ...

Fingerprints - Korgua Peaberry, Papua New Guinea - Highwire Coffee Roasters

Fingerprints - Korgua Peaberry, Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a favorite origin of ours, and one we feature regularly in our signature blends. We love them for their flavor, texture,...

Tightrope - Highwire Coffee Roasters


If we had a ‘house coffee’ this would be it. Always easy. Never divisive. It’s our ‘go-to’. Tightrope highlights one of our most cherished q...

Fingerprints - Batak Sumatra - Highwire Coffee Roasters

Fingerprints - Batak Sumatra

Classic Sumatra character, this Rustic Charmer has a potent musty aroma; dense body, rustic cherry and herbal flavor with a strong finish. ...

Fingerprints - Guji Uraga - Highwire Coffee Roasters

Fingerprints - Guji Uraga

We love washed coffees from Ethiopia! As the birthplace of Coffea arabica, Ethiopian coffees are among the most varied and distinctive in th...

After Hours - Highwire Coffee Roasters

After Hours

Decaf can be delicious! We believe that decaf drinkers shouldn’t settle for a mediocre cup of coffee. Whether you drink decaf because you a...