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Gorilla Summit - Bridgeport Coffee Company

Gorilla Summit

In the volcanic soils of Impenetrable Forest of Uganda’s Bwindi Mountain’s , an extraordinary 500 smallholder farmer Cooperative called Gori...

Mayors Blend - Bridgeport Coffee Company

Mayors Blend

No description available....

El Progreso - Bridgeport Coffee Company

El Progreso

In the Sierra Las Minas Mountain Range in the Guatemalan Department of El Progreso comes this coffee grown in the shade and humidity of the ...

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Bridgeport Coffee Company

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

A handful of years ago, the Ethiopian Government implemented an initiative requiring all Specialty grade coffee to be sold through the Ethio...

Mexico El Triunfo - Bridgeport Coffee Company

Mexico El Triunfo

2019 is our 12th year offering this coffee. The 2019 harvest just arrived a few days ago. As we complete the evaluation process it is becomi...

Public School Blend - Bridgeport Coffee Company

Public School Blend

No description available....

Route 66 - Bridgeport Coffee Company

Route 66

No description available....

El Salvador Finca Santa Josefita - Bridgeport Coffee Company

El Salvador Finca Santa Josefita

Finca Josefita is on the northern edge of the mountain range, facing east. Although the elevation tops out at 3300 feet above sea level, the...

Sumatra Gayonese - Bridgeport Coffee Company

Sumatra Gayonese

This Fair Trade and organic certified coffee from Takengon Highlands is produced by Gayonese family owned farms. Many farmers are women wido...

Colombia Aponte - Bridgeport Coffee Company

Colombia Aponte

Communal land is farmed by this group of indigenous Ingas (decedent’s of the Northern most tribe of Incas). Dried on African style raised be...

Hardscrabble - Bridgeport Coffee Company


This three bean blend has been developed as our primary espresso blend. Over the years it has evolved into a coffee that is superb as an esp...

Decaf Colombia Origin Select - Bridgeport Coffee Company

Decaf Colombia Origin Select

Within the Colombia Origin Select program, the coffees are pre- selected, before processing, from various smallholders and coops. They are t...

San Carlos - Bridgeport Coffee Company

San Carlos

This has been a family farm for 75 years. Carlos inherited this finca from his father, Dr. Amadeo Riera y Solona to whom he credits with tea...

Bubbly Creek - Bridgeport Coffee Company

Bubbly Creek

We’ve blended coffees from the same farm that have been prepared by the farmer in a different style. They work very well together. Big body...