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Colombia Sugar Cane Decaf - Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co

Colombia Sugar Cane Decaf

It is true, decaf coffee can be very good. And that’s why we are so excited about this one! Colombia Sugar Cane Decaf is a special Colombian...

Kenya Kahuro - Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co

Kenya Kahuro

Need a coffee to compliment the heat of summer? Kenya Kahuro is the perfect choice! Flash-chill it for a great iced coffee with sweet and br...

Colombia Corazon y Alma - Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co

Colombia Corazon y Alma

Colombia Corazon y Alma is a beautiful example of specialty coffee from Colombia. We are delighted to be able to offer this coffee through o...

Sangre y Trueno espresso - Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co

Sangre y Trueno espresso

Sangre y Trueno Espresso is a carefully selected blend of coffee from Colombia and Brazil. Medium roast espresso blend with balanced body an...

Colombia Finca Villa Ines - Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co

Colombia Finca Villa Ines

Colombia Finca Villa Ines is an impressively fruit-forward coffee from the renowned coffee growers at Laderas del Tapias. The coffee is grow...

Ethiopia Kembata - Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co

Ethiopia Kembata

Ethiopia Kembata is a delightful new addition to our offering list. Fans of natural process coffee will love the fruity and sweet profile. B...

Peru Aprysa - Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co

Peru Aprysa

This single origin coffee comes to us from a group called Aprysa located in the Amazonas region in northern Peru. This amazing coffee is a g...

Sumatra Takengon - Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co

Sumatra Takengon

This Sumatra Mandheling is a classic Indonesian profile. We roast it a little on the darker side to bring out the rich depth of this timeles...

Trilogy Cold Brew - Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co

Trilogy Cold Brew

If you didn’t already know we make our home in central Florida, otherwise known as THE SUNSHINE STATE! Yes it gets hot, and humid, and yes t...

Magda's Blend - Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co

Magda's Blend

Looking for a half and half blend of regular and decaf coffee? Magda’s Blend is the one for you! Inspired by one of our loyal customers who ...